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  1. i have that exact same ram and 3600x and yes you can oc.which oc software are you going to use
  2. Hey I just wanna know what you think the future of Fallout: 76 or even just Fallout in general like how the game is right now and some ideas
  3. ME is here to help

  4. Dont get the prime ultra just because the name ok Halley? Just dont. Its like supporting RGB
  5. yeah i meant to say RMx and certain TXMs im getting the RMx 850w that i suggested just cause its fully modular
  6. so you could easily max out your budget with and 850 watt from corsair thats 129.99 just in case you want to overclock but if you just wanna give your cpu/gpu a little headroom to boost on their own go for any 550-650 watt with at least and 80+ gold rating corsair 850 watt: https://pcpartpicker.com/mr/amazon/VgQG3C
  7. If you go to the manufacturers website and search your board you can download the bios and as long as you have the working cpu in for that version you can usually extract the files on gigabytes or some other way for other manufacturers and put it on a flash drive then spam delete on reboot or the q-flash key and select the drive and click update. You can simply just look up how to install new bios on youtube but sadly i'm on a school chromebook in math right now so you know i can't send the link to the video but i did the bios update on an x570 by gigabyte
  8. Sony has grown a brain cell in their controller department
  9. nvm im stupid i didnt look in the middle column
  10. yeah but when you go on a site to buy it it shows that the 3600x comes with a game and gamepass for pc
  11. Does anyone know if the 3600x comes with games because on the amd site it show up to the 3600 but then no 3600x which seems weird to me but if your paying that extra money...
  12. yeah... it looks like you need a better gpu or at least any newer one