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  1. More likely bandwidth, more people are online during the evening/night than the day in your area ?
  2. Anybody got this mouse, is it any good for FPS gaming ? G305 isn't as smooth as it was when I got it a few weeks back
  3. A good quality Kingston one. Had it for months with no problems. Only started yesterday
  4. Yes. I have the Logitech G-HUB software for the keyboard, mouse and steering wheel. Just ran that updater you posted, i'll test again. It only started doing it overnight so cannot be a software issue. I thoroughly cleaned the contacts at the bottom where the laser is and now it's a little bit better
  5. I changed the battery yesterday. Could it have something to do with the fact I also have a wireless logitech keyboard, could that be inteferring with it Could get the Corsair Harpoon mouse but I'd rather try and fix my current one as i've only had it a few weeks
  6. Had the G305 for a few weeks now with no problems, however recently it doesn't feel as smooth and responsive as it first did ( whilst gaming, mainly CS GO ) The only way I can describe it is like this video... Any ideas ? I tried using the USB extender to put the receiver right next to the mouse with no luck Also tried changing the DPI around, but it was working fine and now its playing up without me even changing anything I cleaned the contacts at the bottom and now it seems a bit better
  7. Ryzen 5 3600 CPU Stock coolers. Idle I get 37degrees on the CPU, and whilst gaming the CPU between 60 and 70 ( maximum ) Is that about right ?
  8. What DPI do you guys use for gaming ? Im using 3200 currently for CS GO and Destiny 2 My mouse does support upto 12000 which im guessing would be way too sensitive
  9. Logitech G305 . It is excellent for gaming and decent priced
  10. Ideally you want to see it in person as personal preference comes into it. But generally LG are regarded as one of the best
  11. Gonna go with one of these....
  12. Whats the best way to clean inside the PC, i heard compressed air is good ? Also how often ? I heard you have to keep the can upright else it can blow liquid into the PC ?