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  1. The need to use bootcamp for most of my software and the pricing strategy has always kept me away from any apple product... But thanks for the suggestion. Currently thinking to take a shot at the Mag15 as it is cheaper than alternative like XPS15 or X1extreme (and less thermally limited) while having a better bang/$ ratio than something like the Prestige 15.
  2. Thanks for these feedbacks. Did not read about the prestige being battery hungry before but makes sense. The Duo I know I would pay for the concept but it seems to be something I could apply to my work flow (ref on bottom screen etc) When I see the price for a surface with reasonable spec (no choice as you can't upgrade), it makes no sense. On the other end, it sure makes sense to get something like the MAG15 based on the price difference vs the MSI prestige let's say but again the more powerful components take a toll on battery life... Leaning toward the X1 carbon at the moment but will definitively check the MAG15 a bit more.
  3. Hi guys, I posted last year in October looking for a new laptop but ended up sticking to my dying Asus GL552VW a bit longer (budget got cut before black friday). I bought it for 1200 CAD$ new with an I7-6700HQ, GTX 960M, 12Go RAM, 1TB HDD. It got me through my PhD and I really liked the overall perf and had no problem with the poor battery being plugged most of the time. Since my previous post, I moved from Canada to the US and started a job as a university researcher. I'm now looking for something more portable and work oriented (no strong gaming planned, maybe so light title from time to time). I would prefer something easy to move (14-15 inch, below 2kg), with a good CPU (I run a lot of programs simultaneously when I treat my data (including some computational modelization where multi core helps) and go through ref materials (multiple tabs opened)) and I would prefer 16Go of RAM. I also need a whole day of battery (8-10h) as I'm moving a lot more now and can't always run for a plug (USB charging would be a dream). I could do without discrete graphics though it'll be useful for future tasks I'll run but it would impact the battery I assume. Budgetwise, I'm confused and feel like spending more than 1500 US for such a config would So far I had in view the X1 carbon (gen 7, maybe gen 8 if my asus holds on till they come out), the MSI prestige 15, the Zenbook Duo (the price though...) and the MAG15u (worried about only getting a 8th gen cpu and single slot RAM). I also saw the Illegear Ionic but I'm not sure about availability/warranty, though it looked like a potential laptop for my needs. Any help appreciated ! Thanks
  4. After spending more time thinking about it and identifying my needs, I realized, I would rather get a reliable business laptop without dedicated graphics and get a gaming desktop later on. With a similar budget of 1500-2000$ CAD, I'm still looking for a portable laptop with good battery life (above 8h of regular multitask use), I would like to get performance comparable to my I7-6700HQ in term of CPU. The GTX 960M was pretty lame so not GPU should not be a problem for my use. I had 12Go of RAM (4Go soldered) and would feel better with 16Go for my regular use (multiples programs running simultaneously).
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I wasn't sure about razer, so many people recommand their product and declare them as their ''daily driver'' and yet you often read horror stories about these... Regarding the triton, I had some mixed returns for acer product (Dave states the same in his review). The Zephyrus G looked interesting but a bit of a compromise compare to the UX534. As you said, I am more looking for a work laptop with nice portability AND gaming capabilities. That's why I was mentionning the dell xps 13 which looked interesting in the optic of using an eGPU when I get the time for a gaming session (I was interested in the 2in1 with 10th gen intel and the new iris gpu). But the price felt a bit rough compared to the UX534...
  6. Hi guys, my Asus GL552VW seems to be going down after severals year of 10h daily use (typing with multiple ref material documents open, multimedia, light gaming mainly DOTA like). I bought it for 1200 CAD$ new with an I7-6700HQ, GTX 960M, 12Go DDR4, 1TB HDD. It got me through my PhD and I really like the overall perf and had no problem with the poor battery being plugged most of the time. So I've been looking around, planning for the upcoming potential discount on black friday/cyber monday etc. I'd like at minimum similar perf for the CPU and similar or better graphics but since I'm graduating, I'd need better battery as I'll be a bit more on the move. My budget is around 2000 CAD$ (up to 2500 current price would work as I'm hoping to get a few hundred off when buying). In terms of game, I'll have a bit more time so I plan to explore some more demanding games. So far I got my eyes on the ASUS UX534 (https://www.bestbuy.ca/fr-ca/produit/zenbook-15-6-po-asus-bleu-royal-core-i7-8565u-intel-ssd-512-go-ram-16-go-geforce-gtx1650-ang/13655334). But while looking, I kept seeing the dell XPS 15 (though the thermal seems to be okay at best), XPS13 2-1 (10th gen intel) and razer (both 13 and 15). I'm a bit lost by the cost difference between these different units and the perfs delivered. Would a stealth 13 or xps 13 get me through the work with nice mobility while offering minimum gaming possibilities ? Thanks for you help!