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  1. But they make their own PSUs and only PSUs and they even make Corsair PSUs too, that means they're good ! /s
  2. https://cablemod.com/compatibility/ But regarding the upgrade itself, i don't see the point, this unit is still good, the only thing you'll do by replacing it are essentially paying money to renew warranty (since i figured you're replacing it because it just ran out of warranty period), why would you want to do that ?
  3. Then it's good, very good in fact, it's very similar performance wise to their current flagship, AX1600i, just with lower wattage and somewhat lower efficiency, very solid unit for modern standards despite it's out of warranty, i wouldn't be afraid to power high-end multi-GPU PC with it, not to mention your build.
  4. Yeah, it's actually very likely that it's Focus GX based on newer batches, but again, you don't know what batch you'll get (and it was released when there were still FX) so it's complicated, with a lot of other options i wouldn't recommend getting them (even Phanteks's own AMP series, no 'dual-system' gimmicks but otherwise the same Focus GX and cheaper).
  5. What PSU exactly ? '1200W' doesn't tell shit about it's quality, neither does it's efficiency rating.
  6. Oh, right. Well, can't say anything more than @LukeSavenije already did, everything we have are speculation, there are no reviews of it. From the looks of it, it's probably good, no need to return it or smth, but i wouldn't buy it even if i needed 1.2kW PSU, it's no PC component you can buy blindly.
  7. First of all, new CM V-series are meh. Second, be quiet! unit are multi-rail which is a plus (especially with multi-GPU setups). Other than that, they're pretty much identical when it comes to performance and quality, so maybe be quiet! SP11 for multi-rail then, although it has 5y warranty so if that matters for you i'd probably suggest Corsair RMx then.
  8. It's a very complicated topic, in short; voltage regulation (deviations from defined voltage) and ripple suppression (less voltage noise) under various load scenarios, especially in crossloads and including overload), protections set and their performance, transient response and of course quality of components used (although famous 'japanese caps' aren't the whole picture, for example, fan bearing type are very important too), to less degree - hold-up time, power-OK signal accuracy, overall ergonomics of the unit (cables and connectors, dimensions), noise, efficiency and thermals (which usually tied together, i.e higher efficiency units tend to be cooler but not always quieter). Also having multiple 12V rails are plus for high-wattage PSUs (750W+ i'd say), and additionally having digital monitoring are big plus because you have both advantages of multi-rail and single-rail designs. In short, you most likely can't judge (neither i am) if some PSU are good or not even if you have all this data on hand and it's accurate, as i said, it's very complicated topic, just trust professionals, one of them are Aris Mpitziopoulos (crmaris, he does reviews for THG, Tweaktown, TPU, Cybenetics, smth else i can't remember), also Jon Gerow (Jonny Guru, he's retired from reviewing for a while now tho since it works at Corsair but his older reviews are still good, Oklahoma Wolf does reviews at JonnyGuru.com now but he was inactive for a while too), if they say that PSU is good then it's very likely are. For some very detailed read look at these articles : https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/power-supplies-101,4193.html https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/graphics-card-power-supply-balance,3979.html http://www.jonnyguru.com/forums/showthread.php?1036-The-quot-power-supply-FAQ-quot http://www.jonnyguru.com/forums/showthread.php?3264-PSU-101-PC-Power-Supply-Basics
  9. With smth other than PSUs ? Maybe. With PSUs, if you see overwhelming amount of bad reviews it could mean that there are problems with this unit ether in general or there are some high failure rate batches, but if user reviews seem good that doesn't mean anything at all, there might be some issues that don't show up because such reviews were possibly removed, and when it comes to PSU, the only thing that matters other than quality are it's performance and value, which user reviews tell you nothing about.
  10. Imagine ! Professional reviews by people who actually know what they're talking about are better than customer 'reviews' on Amazon like 'It works, good product !', 'DOA, bad product!', which are additionally being 'cleaned' by Amazon and sponsored by manufacturer (Amazon claims that they remove such reviews but that's bullshit).
  11. Marketplace reviews mean nothing, especially on Amazon, they're actively altering them.
  12. 4 GHz are base frequency, 5 GHz are turbo frequency, it will show up only under load, not in BIOS obviously, load the CPU and see the frequencies in smth like HWiNFO64 (or at the very least Windows Task Manager). Now, your CPU doesn't even run at 4GHz when idle, it should scale down frequency to save energy, BIOS just probably doesn't use power saving at all but in Windows you'll see frequencies way lower than 4GHz in idle.
  13. You have coldplate plating turning brown or the coolant ? If coldplate then it has nothing to do with coolant, and i pretty sure nothing to do with galvanic corrosion either, do you use liquid metal TIM by any chance (obvious stuff but i have to ask) ? Also, list your entire setup please, and pictures would help a bit too. If it's your coolant turning brown then it maybe either galvanic corrosion or bio growth, or maybe your distilled water was too distilled though, no joke, 100% distilled water are dangerous, remember, water are strong solvent and pure water needs ions, it will grab them wherever it will find them, in this case from the metal surfaces of your loop components. Try replacing it with proper antifreeze based coolant or at the very least, soft water.
  14. It's very robust PSU, with very good load regulation and ripple in crossloads even for modern standards, i see no reason to replace it other than 'for the peace of mind', which isn't a good reason IMO. But if you want to replace it, i don't see why you need 1200W PSU, you'll be good with some good 650\750W PSU, smth like Corsair RMx\RM, be quiet! SP11, Seasonic PRIME Ultra Gold\Phanteks Revolt Pro (same thing internally), Corsair HX, FD ION+. But if you really want a unit of comparable wattage, 1200W Corsair HX\HXi would be good, not exactly an upgrade but rather a 300$ warranty renewal, it's multi-rail in contrast to most other units of comparable wattage (and HXi are digital even for 30 CAD more) so i see no reason to go for Seasonic at this point since they cost the same (it's kinda okay for 650\750W units tho, although Corsair are cheaper there anyway). Edit: Also you can get in-between priced Seasonic PRIME Ultra Gold \ Corsair RMx 1000W.
  15. That doesn't work this way, although Corsair doesn't have exactly bad units in their current lineup, trusting the brand isn't a good practice. And yes, RM1000x and CX650 having the same price is a bit off, either first are used\refurbished or CX650 are overpriced, because if both new then RMx are way better option for the same price.
  16. It depends on which PSU it is, i.e what's its performance way, wattage aha nothing to do with PSU quality. No, if your system draws no more than 400W which is likely the case if it's gaming rig, then you'll be equally good both with 550W and 1000W PSU, assuming they are good quality.
  17. Apparently G.Skill just doesn't want to sell them because there were no single review of them, that's a sign that no review samples were sent. So everything about them are speculation, which isn't a good basis for choosing a PSU, especially high-end one.
  18. Depends ... What OS you're using anyway ?
  19. This SSD are quite slow, it's quite possible that you're experiencing locking when SSD runs garbage collection \ TRIM, it's not really fit for using as primary \ OS drive.
  20. If that's the page for your motherboard then yes.
  21. Because depending on what version you have it might be unstable, especially regarding memory and XMP. Go to manufacturer site, download firmware and manual, read it.