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  1. Whenever I try and boot from usb it goes straight into windows boot manager. I have the cloud ready chrome is installed in the usb, any tips would be much appreciated. First time installing an os. Usb drive plugged in before powering one
  2. Thanks for the help, the update came through which means I can zoom videos now, though lose the top of Linus' head when doing so, however is good for some videos
  3. It's in 2160x1080xfalse when I put it in horizontal so not sure what's happening there, though as you said probably just a support thing
  4. It's at 1080x540 but I did think it may just be that the app doesn't support it fully yet, thanks for your help, I'll dig in for the next week until they update and I can enjoy .y screen in proper resolution
  5. Thanks for the help unfortunately it isn't that tried it with the 4k search already to check and it still didn't show the option, very strange.
  6. So got my new pixel phone recently but on YouTube there is no option to watch videos in 1440p even though the screen is 1440x2560p does anybody know how to fix this? Help would be appreciated!