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  1. what are people's thoughts on the logitech g pro keyboard? not talking about price vs performance, but just general quality of build and typing/ gaming experience.
  2. what is it and why is it not good for typing? are the keys too soft?
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for a new mechanical keyboard that I can do my school work with and also game with. Right now I'm looking at the Logitech G Pro Keyboard, as well as the Ducky One 2 TKL. What do you guys suggest, and do you have any other options that you like and why? (I don't really care about the difference in switches as long as it is comfortable to type on (has to be mechanical and RGB of course) and is TKL and under the price of around $100) Thank you for your help!
  4. lol sorry i meant like primitive and more of a down to earth game uk
  5. yea i played around 100 hours on league but i found dota 2 to be more intricate and open with the choices of heroes and requires (to me) more skill to be good at ie: being able to kill your own creep to deny exp and gold from opponent, it has multiple objectives on the map other than just the towers such as shrines and roshan, and the items that you choose are also far more important on dota than it is on league (again personal opinion) as a lot of them are active items and can drastically tip the momentum of the game. so yea, this is why i chose dota 2 over league. oh and also all heroes are unlocked from start so it is much easier to get used to what your opponents heroes do as you can practice with all heroes
  6. played dota 2 cus i didnt want to play league lol
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a game to play when I'm free as I am building a new PC. Which survival game should I play and why? (Something with realistic graphics and realistic scenarios (no robots or aliens and rockets etc.)) Thanks!
  8. I have Ryzen 5 3600, 16gb ram, 1080p monitor, rx 5700xt gpu, and id prefer third person
  9. Hi guys, I am building my first pc, and is thinking of a game to go along with it. I used to have a mac so all i really played was dota 2, and have no experience with games other than watching it on twitch and youtube. I want something with good graphics art, and isnt pay to win. what is your single game of choice and why?
  10. Hi guys, I am building my first PC, and I want to play a game that I couldn't play before cus i had a mac. I have been playing dota 2 for a while now and I really enjoy the MOBA style games, but I also want to play one that is different. I dont have much time in hand so I'll be choosing one game to play extensively. Any suggestions on what I should play? Best if its a game that isnt pay to win and relies on skill and strategy. it could also be adventure games of all sorts as I really enjoy that too. Please help me out and tell me why you like the game! thanks! (preferable something that requires some mechanical skill and not just a story mode game)
  11. Im trying to figure out what AMD CPU is the best price for performance as I am figuring out my first build. I have been looking into the Ryzen 5 2600x and Ryzen 5 3600. Which do you think is better and why? I will be using the PC for some intermediate FPS and MOBA games as well as normal school work. Thanks!
  12. Right now I'm looking at RX 5700xt vs RTX 2060 Super so in this case I should go with the AMD GPU?
  13. I'm currently making the build for my first PC. I have been hearing about the "features" that a graphics card has, and how one is better than the other, but I don't really know what those features are, so could anyone help explain to me or give me a link to where I can find this information? Thanks! (I will be using this card for some FPS and MOBA games as well as school work)
  14. no im only running on the 144p one, the other one is for school work that i bought a while ago, i will only use one for gaming.