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  1. I live in an apartment, so I there's really not much I can do. On the other hand, I go to karate, and my friend has a job there. He teaches little kids who began karate, and he is the same age as me. He earns about $150 per month, which is not bad. I am just waiting for an opportunity for the head of the club to give me a job.
  2. Alright so im 13 years old. The problem here is that I live in Kuwait, and there are no jobs for people under 18. I know that you can be 14 to work in the US, but I am not sure about Canada, since I might be moving there. And my friends, I've been friends with them 3 years. But I'll do something. Thanks.
  3. "you dumbass why did you drop it your so irresponsible i'm not going to fix it for you" I'm Pakistani, remember?
  4. I am from pakistan, but I live in kuwait
  5. To be honest, I didn't earn the money, it was birthday money.
  6. yeah I forgot to mention that I was 13
  7. I need help. Me and my parents are Pakistani. We live in a place where PC gaming is everywhere. But here's the thing. My dad won't get me a PC. I am currently using a shitty laptop from 2011 to play most new games at lowest settings and getting a max of 5 FPS (Rendering it unplayable). I can only play old shitty games and light current games (like Minecraft). My dad won't get me new PC or laptop, I have asked for one so many times, I get all A's and A-'s (I am in math a grade ahead of me), I pray, I listen to them. Everyone I know has a gaming PC. I am constantly getting bullied by my friends for having a shitty PC, to not be able to play most new games, etc. I have tried telling my dad that I am getting made fun of, this is a old laptop, and I can't play any games or do any programming, but he says to work with what I have, it is my problem, I shouldn't be playing video games anyway, and if I am getting bullied he is telling me to say that (to lie I mean) I am happy with what I have. Hah. Easy for him to say, he is the one who has a new HP Spectre, with a core i7, 8GB of ram and Intel UHD 620 graphics (I know intel graphics suck but it's better than Intel HD Graphics 3000 I have on mine). Oh, and I also get bullied on how thick my laptop is. It is more than 2 inches thick, I believe. And I am not even asking for a good PC, only a $350 one with a Ryzen 5 2400g. I also have all the knowledge to build a PC. When I ask him why he won't buy me one, he says I already have a laptop and I should work with it and be thankful that I have something, or else it will be taken away. I have all the knowledge, and I can build one for myself, and I can do some programming. He won't even get me a laptop. There is also some other bullshi*t my parents do. They don't let me spend my money. At all. I have a lot of money saved up. Anything I want to buy, my dad does not let me use my money. This is the thing that enrages me the most. I know there are A LOT of these posts everywhere, but hear me. I need some advice and help. Thanks.