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  1. solved : disable fastboot/fast startup on power management
  2. hi everyone, i had problem with my build ,(it been like this from first time i used) i build new pc like 2 week ago , but i use my old monitor , at first i think it normal we must click restart till i ask my friend and say it not normal , i really dont know about this that why i ignore it at first time (this me first build) i use : ryzen 5 3600 RX580 Sapphire nitro+ b450 tomahawk max klevv x bolt series 8GBx2 3200mhz m.2 512GB adata 550w antec neo modular 80+ bronze i also recording it u can watch it here : https://youtu.be/BXCP0eEuqYI anyone can help me ? i apriacate you all help, also here what i already to do "unplug and plugin again ram" "change ram slot" "unplug and plugin again vga" "reset default bios"(but i enable again XMP profile and SVM) also sorry for my english i still learning