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  1. Yesterday we went to the store, they finally received their first Ryzen 4000 laptop! It still isn't in the system and they have no idea when the next one is coming... When he saw it, he decided to wait anyway, as I suggested him
  2. He heard from the service station that they had a lot of problems with AMD CPUs (3000 and older). So for that mater let's say we take Intel. I've heard from Dave Lee that there's not much difference between 8th and 10th gen. Well, there is, but marginal return is low. Do you suggest sticking with 8th gen? For kind of long term use, 3-4+ years
  3. Hi everyone! I have a friend who asked me for advice. His laptop broke and he wanted to buy a new one anyway. Normaly, I'd just find a good Ryzen 4000 series laptop, but they aren't available yet where we live. I contancted biggest suppliers, one answered and said they're coming in August. Now, my friend's kinda in a rush, so we are faced with a dilema, should we pick Ryzen 3000, Intel 8th gen or Intel 10th gen. It's a student laptop, for "student work" and I believe some gaming. Budget isn't too big, I believe. I'll be able to find a suitable laptop, I just can't decide which processor to recommend. It would be mid-tier, like R5 or i5. What do you think?
  4. So I've tested it for 3 nights in a row and it didn't turn on a single time, so I'm pretty sure it worked!
  5. I have the same problem. I'm looking all across the internet to fix it. Here are some solutions: Go to your Device manager and uncheck every Wake-On-Lan (WOL) option there is at your network card's Advanced tab. Also go to your mouse's settings and uncheck "Allow this device to wake the computer". Go to Control Panel and find Backup and Restore (Win7), check if there's any scheduled automatic backup, those might wake the computer up. Go to Task schedules by using run window on taskschd.msc command. Check the Task Schedule Library to see if there's any task that's allowed to wake up the PC. As GoodBytes suggested, open command prompt as admin and type this to see if there's something scheduled: powercfg /lastwake I did this and found that SystemEventsBroker is scheduled and it's allowed to wake up my PC. Correlated to the last point, I found on Microsoft forum (see here) this principle: Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Change Plan Settings, then Change advanced power settings. There, search for Allow wake timers under Sleep option. Disable that. On the same post on MS forum, there's this reply I was too tired to try: This one requires you to install a program though. That would be it, all the options I've found. At first I tried only Wake-On-Lan things and it didn't work. I I tried almost everything I typed here. I didn't try the option Enderman suggested. Today I did everything else on the list and test the PC for two nights and we'll see. But it's most probably network related since one night I unplugged the ethernet cable and it didn't turn on. But PC wouldn't turn on every night, so it might not be network related. I'll come back in two days to report.