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    Software Engineer


  • CPU
    9900k 5.0GHz
  • Motherboard
    MSI MPG Z390M Edge AC
  • RAM
    32GB (4*8GB) 3200MHz from Corsair
  • GPU
    EVGA RTX2080ti Black MODDED G12+X52 @2080/8250MHz
  • Case
    Thermaltake level 20 VT
  • Storage
    2 * Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB
  • PSU
    Evga 1000w G+
  • Cooling
    CPU : Corsair H115i 280mm
    GPU : NZXT X52 240mm
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. - Templates and polymophism - Inheritance - Operator overloading - Smart Pointers - STL containers and Algorithms All of these are among the most complicated features to understand in C++, and IIRC they don't exist in C. The hardest thing about C is the memory management, which is also a problem in C++, but as the new C++ updates are released this tends not to less of a problem.
  2. Then you should continue studying. C by design (As it is not a OOP language) is the easiest to understand. Then Java, for being the higher level OOP language of the 3, then C++
  3. Maybe the SKUs produced are going for the Data centers first. Also, cloud gaming/computing companies Shadow (for sure) and Stadia (Most likely) are going to use RTX3xxx gpus instead of Titans and Quadros for drivers reasons.
  4. What he said. For example I can stay away from a game for several weeks and recover my best level within 1 hour of playing. We are all different. But make sure you get some warm up before joining a game, especially in FPS games
  5. I have been playing all the NFS games from Porsche 2000 to Heat. Heat is not too bad, but the story is by far too short (But better than the average NFS stories). Shameless cliffhanger though. Driving is average and not very challenging. Graphics are ok, but faces and facial animations are outdated. Pretty bad especially when you have a lot of cut scenes showing your characters or other NPCs. No speedcards, so no P2W system. I have beaten the game using only the M3 E30 I started with, so what's the point of having tons of cars for sell ? NPC interactions during racing are really off. Cops are too difficult when you start the game, then when your car is fast enough, they are too easy to beat. Ghost needs to balance that. A.I drivers are too slow, even on the highest difficulty, it was pretty boring.
  6. it does not I think, and i didnt monitor these temperatures either. The card actually sustained the 125% power delivery for 8 hours of 3dmark stress test, so i guess the VRM are fine.
  7. If you cant play better, play smarter. Check angles, avoid tunnel vision (like when you stop checking your map and stuff) and focus on the sound. Basically doing those 3 basics thing, if your aim is good, you are going to dominate every games you are going to do. A majority of the players on those casual shooters (MW and D2 in mind) are only running dummies which means they play solely on their reaction abilities. By anticipating, you are going to destroy them.
  8. So I bought that kit to cool down my EVGA RTX2080ti Black. This cooler was struggling a lot to cool down the card, with the GPU often reach 80 degrees Celsius on the 310w BIOS, therefore throttling at 1950MHz under load, with the fans at max speed. Not ideal. So I went with the G12 and X52 combo from NZXT. The mouting is quite straight forward, even if removing the stock cooler is always quite a hairy process. Please note I did not cool down the VRMs (as i didnt receive my thermal pads yet for the heat dissipators) Here are some of the improvements (temps are not normalized, 20c in the room) : idle temp : 45c -> 25c load temps : 85c -> 48c Core clock : 1950MHz throttling (2020MHz max) / +200MHz -> 2085MHz stable / +240MHz (+250MHz / 2130MHz is ok in some benchmarks, but on some other it freezes) Memory clock : 8000MHz -> 8250MHz (But I am pretty i could have gone higher before, and there is still room imo) Heaven Unigine (1080p Extrem preset, GSync disabled) : 4500pts (~180fps) -> 5080pts (201fps average) Noise : I cant mesure it but it is a lot better, I cant notice it under load now. Airflow : So I am using the X52 as an exhaust on top of the case alongside a H115i used for my 9900k, also on top and as an exhaust (Thermaltake level 20 VT). Having now 2x120mm + 2x140mm bringing the air out of the case seems a lot better, but I cannot confirm it. Now on some pros/cons : + Easy to mount + $25 for it feels cheap + RTX20xx compatible (Using AMD bracket) +/- 3 Slots usage +/- No included way to cool the vrm on the left of the GPU +/- Cant keep the back plate as screw used to mount the brackets are not long enough - Less and less compatible AIOs compatible (Because of the squared shape pumps trending, or manufacturers moving away from Akasa), leaving you to get Riing or Kraken coolers only, or try to find old Corsair H105. As a final note, I would say that I am quite satisfied with this mod overall. Performances and thermals are a lot better and given Turing is very sensitive on thermals, I can feel the difference while gaming. The problem now is that I feel limited by my card not being the A version (280W, or 310W Palit BIOS), and therefore being limited on the GPU clocks. There is no doubt the GPU can go even higher with the 380W or 410W BIOS and still stay cool thanks to this mod. I can really recommend it, especially on higher tier cards, if you want to squeeze the extra MHz from your GPU. But the best solution would be getting the Kingpin or the Aorus hybrid.
  9. If he has the money and he is willing to spend it like that, why would he (and you) care ?
  10. Yes. On full air cooling you will need a 2.5 - 3 slots cooler