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  1. THANK YOU ALL i stole my brothers 16 gig set and guess what. it worked without a single hitch only problem is im a broke 16 year old who cant afford a 16 gig set so i stole his
  2. that would make sense as i have anti virus pluis msi afterburner and on top of that i stream lmao. im gonna steal my brothers ram and see if havind 16 gb fixes it but his ram speed is only 1600 mhz
  3. yes 2 sticks right now trying to update my bios but i dont have a fkn flash drive and i know 8 gigs is low but even on old games it stutters black ops 3 recommended specs are 8 gigs of ram and that stutters alot
  4. or worse i still using an hdd...
  5. the ram usage in the video is my RAM not vram
  6. Then what about games that only say u need 8 gb ram black ops 3 released in 2015 is rly bad and i can see its only using 5gb of my ram
  7. forgot to mention the 1060 is 6 gb vram and i cant see how having 8gb could make a game unplayable but i can look into it
  8. temps are fine cpu around 65 gpu at 70 and what is ddu and xmp? im kinda new dont yell at me. and im goin to update bios right now
  9. Hello i have been having stutter issues on many different games mostly call of duty titles but i dont understand why i built this pc only a few weeks ago. my pc is more than enough to run most games i play at high setting and still over 100 fps but its always the same stutter for a few seconds works fine then my gpu usage drops to 0 and i get a bad stutter then it goes back to normal and my cpu is never above 60% usage. sometimes it will go awhile without another stutter sometimes its every other second and then some games work flawless i could have forgot to install some drivers but i dont think so i got the amd cpu drivers and the nvidia drivers but nothing else since i heard windows 10 is better at downloading the rest automatically please any help would be great. specs gtx 1060 strix oc edition ryzen 5 2600 corsair vengence 8 gb 3200 mhz Snapchat-404418113.mp4 Snapchat-404418113.mp4
  10. well that makes sense but i should have also mentioned sometimes its A LOT slower than usual like after closing a game it takes so long to do anything. so do you think i should just free any space i can for now and in the future get an ssd?
  11. Hey Sorry if this is in the wrong topic was not sure where to put it. So im new to the pc world and to start i got a dell optiplex 3020 sff and a gtx 1050ti but after a few months it starts to just run slower not in games but in general use. takes awhile to open task manager,google,file explore,etc. i have a 500 gb hdd ( not sure about the speed of it) and i know i could upgrade to an sdd to help but why is it a lot slower than it used to be i just want to know how that works and what i can do to help. sorry if its a dumb question lmao. thanks in advance.