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  1. I'm keeping everything on default besides Memory clock 3200MHZ What should I keep the Sense Mi options on? For example my sensemi Skew was disabled on my ryzen 7 1800x but now that I have 3900x I'm preferring to keep it on default settings. The only mind bothering options are these Sensemi stuff shall I keep them Auto? Or disable or enable? What's the best option? I have asus MOBO x370 crosshair vi hero. And what specifically does Sensemi do?
  2. I mean out of the box proportion is messed up everything on default settings it runs on very high voltages idle too. So after overclocking it to 4.2 ghz it runs very good and also the idle Voltages dropped 1.1volts on idle and when cinebenching it's like 1.3 volts and the max is 1.45 so it's very weird.
  3. Yes voltages are running good even on idle. Out of the box voltages on idle were upper limit and now after overclocking the core ratio it didn't go higher than 1.45 volts . Btw I didn't touch anything besides core ratio and memory ratio so only those are edited. And voltage stuff are one auto
  4. idle voltages are too high. but they say that it`s normal for being on high voltage when idle btw look at this results. 4.2 ghz overclocked. 3200mhz ram everything besides that is on auto. and also mi skew is disabled...
  5. https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/ryzen-9-3900x-voltage-and-temperature.257295/
  6. I've done the same as The screenshots and I ended up getting MOBO error code "IDE Detect" Are voltages bad on auto? It runs smooth no issues on full auto with voltages when idle it's pretty high like 1.470 and when gaming it's like 1.350 idk is it bad? What do I have to do.
  7. @minibois is 1.8v pll voltage running good? And are the settings right? @nick name
  8. I'm testing my cpu now with aida64. How much temperature must it be when stabilize testing? In degrees.?