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  1. I used DDU then went to 19.9.2 which seems at first to be working. I also am using the non-oc bios or whatever it's called. Then my RAM was messing up so i had to swap it to the first and third space instead of two and four. Works well now.
  2. I just tried using the different bios via the switch on the GPU and will msg again with results of if it crashes again.
  3. I'm not sure if this is a GPU issue or not, but i think it is. When doing anything, no matter what, every 5 minutes or so my screen goes black for 5 seconds then comes back on. The AMD Driver software crashes and won't turn back on, just stays on a blurry transparent screen. I have tried Windows Updates, DDU then then new 20.2.1 drivers and it STILL happens. It also still happens when i turn the power setting to +50% and even of default settings. It could be other things on the system but i dont see what else would do this and cause the driver utility to stop working. There are no new motherboard bios updates since 2015 so i can't really do anything there, so what else is there to do, and does anyone know what i can do to fix this issue. Specs Intel Xeon E3-1231 V3 Asrock B85 Pro3 Vega 64 LC TeamGroup Dark 2x8GB 1333Mhz
  4. I'll try this later because the download links on Techpowerup are dead rn
  5. I don't understand how the clocks work, all i see is 1817Mhz on an unstable Vega 64 LC which normally clocks between 1655Mhz - 1782Mhz under 100% load.
  6. I'm not sure if this is normal but when i try and do a preview/render on Adobe AE, with a very minial load, why do i get such an insane GPU frequency? The utilisation is low and the profile i'm using is the default one from a fresh DDU and Driver install/uninstall. Is this safe and just some weird bug?
  7. I found an even older 2 TB HDD from my first ever PC in 2013. Does it look any better? It's reaaallllly loud but has no errors. The head moving is what i think makes the noise.
  8. Simple question, is loss of data imminent on my main storage HDD? It's an ex-server drive which i started using after 3000 Power On Hours and hasn't really caused too much trouble. Only now has things gone bad. In Adobe AE while editing videos with 30 second 100mb clips, there are constant artefacts and freezes when transitioning to new clips. Attached are some tests i knew about, but is there anything else to measure how dead the drive is? Should i turn it off and wait to back up data on another drive?
  9. Barley. If i play games it's fine because of the V-Sync at 75hz, but off that setting it will go back up to 85c+ Hot Spot. It also won't complete a Unigine Heaven 4.0 Extreme run, regardless of settings, even on default Radeon settings.
  10. Temps are the same regardless of undervolt, overclock, and even Radeon Chill.
  11. I have had HEAPS of issues with my Powercolor Vega 64 Liquid Cooled since i bought it a year ago. It still has warranty but Powercolor seem to just scam people and have not responded to me so i have given up on this. I have already asked similar questions but the card seems too niche to illicit an accurate response that I don’t already know. In regards to my issues, I’ll list them below and if anyone of you know could you please offer some advice or link me to someone who does, such as a person related to the company or knows about LC cards: 1) My temps seem WAY too high for an LC card. Idle is around 30 - 40c in summer Australia with ambient temps between 20c - 48c (yes, i meant 48c). Currently Idle: Core: 35c HBM: 38c VDDC: 40c MVDD: 47c Liquid: 38c Hot Spot: 36c Under 100% Load (Unigine Heaven 4.0 Extreme Preset): *I could not even complete the benchmark as it crashed halfway through on Auto Undervolt in the AMD Settings but here is the temp’s I could get. Core: 60c HBM: 60c VDDC: 64c MVDD: 63c Liquid: 54c (no time to heat up because of crash) Hot Spot: 87c 2) I'm currently using Push Pull from inside the case to the outside. The top fan is a led Corsair case fan tied to the case fan control which i leave at max, while the bottom one is the included AMD one which i leave to auto. They are 100% in the correct config but I don't know if the top slower one is doing more or less to fix the heat issue. The case also gets almost burning hot and acts like a massive heatsink on the top under load. 3) I have tried undervolting however the auto undervolt sets the core to 1250mv which seem bad, so i try and manually set it to 1000mv at 1650Mhz and leave on V-Sync at 75hz so it doesn’t stay locked at 100% usage. 4) I have tried the reddit page that shows what overclocks and unvervolts people have done but can't really use it because the new drivers don't let me set a minimum state. 5) I replaced the thermal paste with Arctic Silver 5 and used methylated spirits to clean it off. I did this with my old RX480 and it was fine. I also had Shellite but I don’t know if it had extra crap in it. Even with this, the Hot Spot is still 85c+. I did not have any thermal pads and reused the stock ones, only one was sorta stuffed up but it was making contact fine. After this, there were tiny scratches on the GPU die and i occasionally got artefacts in War Thunder where textures would go black at certain angle but no critical crashes. I haven't looked into any of this yet. If you have ANY advice on any issue, i would greatly appreciate it!
  12. Thx, think i duplicated the tab or something
  13. I recently replaced the thermal paste on my Vega 64 LC. I do not notice much of a difference in temps. I cannot comment on previous temps, however current temps are a bit concerning. HWiNFO states that the Hot Spot is now at 90-93c which i think is way too hot. The GPU temp is also a little too high and the HBM is a little too high. I used Arctic Silver 5, which i think should have been good? Its around 5 years old though so maybe it should not have been used now. Regardless, on a watercooler, my CPU runs at around 35c at max load on this same compound. Is this temp concerning? I will be replacing the thermal paste in December and under normal load it never goes above 75c on the Hot Spot and 62c Core. I may have inadequatley applied thermal paste but i doubt this.
  14. I own a CoolerMaster MK750 Cherry MX Brown. It has worked fine for years but some keys no longer work on the first key press. What is the cause of this issue? At first it was only my 4 and . keys that did not work on the first press but now y and u also don't work on the first press. I have downloaded the latest firmware and drivers but this did nothing. Any suggestions?
  15. I thoguht this was standard practice lol. In australia they give you an NBN router then the service provider adds a modem with your plan. We basically never use them and i just replaced mine with a Netgear Nighthawk X6.