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    asus crosshair 6 x370
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    32gb ddr4 2666
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    evga 1080ti
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    LG UltraGear 32GK850F
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    h115i pro
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    razer deathstalker
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  1. Mr beast literally spends millions on videos.....If he spent half on one video he could support his staff for years..... Nobody knows how he gets his absurd funding for videos. There's no way in hell sponsors would cover all this stuff.
  2. Summary Several incredibly wealthy youtubers received millions in covid relief funds. Quotes My thoughts Considering how wealthy all these individuals are in incredibly unethical for these people to get these funds. Mr beast in particular always spends absurd amounts on his videos doing pretty silly things. Sources https://www.insider.com/mrbeast-faze-clan-jeffree-star-cosmetics-ppp-loans-coronavirus-relief-2020-9
  3. In his last video he complained about mass immigration which is the biggest dog whistle to bigger racists imaginable. He's complaining about refugees coming to sweden even though they've arrived knowing swedish and are making efforts to integrate etc. In the past he has used racial slurs against black people and paid foreign people(ignorant of the english language) to hold up a sign saying "gas the jews". All of this is insanely damning and linustechtips should have known better before building a pc for him. Here's a few videos that really eloquently outlines pewdiepies racism.
  4. https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/whatsapp-closer-to-winning-spyware-lawsuit-after-israeli-firm-nso-is-a-no-show-1.8627094 An israeli company known as NSO has been accused of hacking hundreds of devices of key figures ie human rights activists, journalists etc by whatsapp(amnesty has backed this up and have stated their own staff have been targetted). NGO has currently not put in any legal response to the lawsuit and is kinda acting like it's beyond the law.
  5. https://metro.co.uk/2020/02/07/france-hits-apple-21000000-fine-slowing-old-iphones-12200828/
  6. its odd that it only supports 5.1 on optical or coaxial as hdmi supports uncompressed 5.1. Do you get proper codec support for dts hd-ma or atmos etc?
  7. This seems to be the best placement of the second screen.
  8. After watching the review I decided I wanted one but haven't been able to find one for sale anywhere and on the lenovo site they're saying its no longer available??!!
  9. Thanks. I changed it to bottom right. Top right is where I whack program windows to split the screen.
  10. I've disabled the scaler and still have the issue. I am getting sound with it set in extended display so think I'm just going to keep it like this. It is annoying accidentally gragging something in the extended region but I can play around with the size and where to put it etc.
  11. The receiver is the onkyo tx-sr607
  12. I set it as primary. All I changed in the av receivers setting was to change to output from optical to hdmi. When I go to the display setting in windows it drops the res further.
  13. I've run into an issue. When I try to duplicate displays it drops my refresh rate to 59 instead of 75. I also cant have my 1440p at 1440p it drops to whatever I set the second one to.