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  1. Thanks for the reply ! I thought about that, but it does not really fix the problem, does it ? I would like to still let my monitor to turn off the way it does when not watching anything and not wait 3 hours... Is there no other way to fix the "input registering" issue directly then ?
  2. Hi everyone, Well, just as the title says. I ran into this issue several times recently, where it will switch off the screen after a while but the sound goes on, and if I move the cursor the image comes back again. So I figured that the computer does not care there is a video playing and goes idle. Does somebody know why is that and what I can do to fix it ? It's really annoying. Thank you !
  3. Hi everyone, I'm getting a 43" TV in my room in some time, and I wanted to place it on my desk next to my pc monitor. But the thing is, I recently bought a soundbar for my pc and it sounds really nice. So, I would like to use it for the TV too when I'll be watching content on it. However, the soundbar is under my monitor stand which I made at exactly the right dimensions to "blend it in" nicely. My question is : as the TV will be in a corner, oriented to me when I'm sitting in front of my PC, will the sound be good If I use the soundbar with the TV (since it will be in front of me, I will just have my seat slightly oriented to the TV) ? Or would I be better off with the sound from the TV (which is pretty average to be honest) ? I know it is kind of a weird question but, wel... Thank you guys !
  4. Hi ! I'm seriously considering getting a Surface 3 Laptop in a month or two, as I absolutely LOVE (like, REALLY) how it looks ! But I'm also hesitant between this and a Dell XPS 13, which I think looks less "sexy and clean" but has smaller bezels. However, the Surface is about 300€ cheaper at the moment. Do you think this Laptop 3 is worth its price ? And most importantly, do you think it is a good decision to buy it right now, when a lot of people suggest to wait before buying a new laptop this year, as a lot of improvements are coming our way ? Thanks !
  5. Alright, thanks guys ! So it's not an ideal solution but it's ok if I do not use really fast devices simultaneously then. I guess it will do. But is there another way ? Just in case !
  6. Hello, Well, I'm changing my desk setup, and it turns out that my PC will be under the desk. It will be a bit far, so I'm thinking of getting a USB hub to make my life easier. But one thing I don't actually know is if I take a hub, plug it into a USB port, what if I plug 2 USB devices at the same time on it then ? Will the speed be divided by 2 ? Might be a stupid question, but I'd really like to know. Oh, and do you guys have one to recommend me ? Thank you !
  7. Hi, it is a Stage 2.1 from Creative.
  8. Hello, I received a new soundbar today, and it works just fine. But the problem is, I noticed that when I launch any sound (either a song or a windows notification sound) I got some time cut out. For example, if I launch a song on YouTube, I don't get the audio for a solid 5 seconds. It is VERY VERY frustrating. I did some research and I found out it is a common problem with Realtek Drivers (which I have). But I had the same drivers for some years with the old sound system and it was fine... So, I'm a bit lost. I tried a method supposed to fix it by disabling idle in regedit, but did not work for me. If anyone has got a solution, or an idea, it is very welcome. Thank you. Edit : I tested it with other sources (laptop and phone) and it does the same thing. So probably more because of the soundbar itself. I notices that when it's in AUX, the "noise" shuts down when song is paused, and it seems that's what causes the delay when playing back audio...
  9. Thanks for the reply. But my phone, which is on WiFi can connect to my desktop which is on ethernet... I found something and I ran the "net view" command : - On the desktop it shows me all the devices shared - On the laptop it says "You can't connect to the file share because it's not secure" What does this mean ? I could get acces between both devices before, I don't get it...
  10. Hi everyone, Today, I ran into an issue. I usually use a lot shared folders via local network, but today my desktop won't show up in local network when I'm on my laptop. But on my phone it is detected. So I guess I can forget about the desktop being the problem. I tried to restart the laptop and nothing changed. What can I do to fix this ? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the answers, I'll be sure to check all that ! Nothing is overclocked, about anything using unusual amounts of RAM or CPU, I mean, apart from the browser not really ! Fans are not blocked, and the SSD is not that old, it's from 2017 and according to CrystalDiskInfo it's at "Correct" state. I will verify if I have any updates to do !
  12. How to increase the idle time ? About a worm or a virus, various scans did not find anything, so I dont know.
  13. Hi ! I have a bit of a problem, because recently, my desktop started acting quite slow. I first thought it was because I was running out of space on my SSD, but after I made up some space the issue is still here. It's not slow at all right at the start, but it seems like the longer it's turned on, the slower it will become... This is quite annoying because when I'm working on projects, having the file explorer loading every folder I open and having to wait every file I drop into Premiere is really bad. I was wondering what could be the cause of that ? When I open Task Manager, I don't see any sign of anything being saturated, so I'm lost... Thanks for your time ! PS : the specs are a Ryzen 5 1600, GTX1060 6GB, 16GB of RAM and a Samsung 500 EVO as C drive.