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  1. So I had an idea for a contest between Linus and some of the guys. Parameters Build a functional PC Must be blindfolded for all hardware unboxing and setup What hardware is being used is not to be known or shown beforehand or during the build No help All systems are identical If your system does not boot you are disqualified You will be judged based on thermals, assembly time, completion (good luck with front IO), and aesthetics Any other ideas? If it is just me wanting to see this then it probably won't happen so if anyone else is interested in seeing this show some love and maybe LMG will think it is a good idea as well. I was inspired by the "The WEIRDEST PC Parts we Found on AliExpress" video. That video has over 5M views, so the "just for fun" concept might have some weight to it. As well to make a video LMG needs a catchy title as a requirement, and I am sure when building a PC blindfolded a catchy title is not far behind. Finally when building a PC blindfolded I am sure good times and laughter will ensue, which can't be bad for the business or us consumers. Post Script: If Linus doesn't find out of the plan, it could potentially be hilarious to simultaneously prank him by slightly messing with his workstation as he builds, because he won't see you doing it. Just an additional thought. If you have made it this far, thanks for reading.
  2. So I watch alot of LMG right. Now, my friend showed me his new water bottle, which is orange and black. When he picked it up and showed it to me, he said "orange and black looks awesome!" to which I immediately and without a second thought replied: "LTTStore.com".
  3. Because the ethernet cable only came in 20' or 50', not 35'. Not everyone has the tools to crimp, I do, but not with me, and not to mention my tester only measures if the cables have continuity, nothing more. What if in the future I need the rest of the cable length? The tray is not uncomfortable, it is on hinges and freely moves about even in the y axis (or z depending on how you like to define your coordinate systems — I'm talking to you Blender folk). The table is actually very high up, thus the tray is perfect height, and it rests on my legs while I lay back comfortably in the chair.
  4. I recently got a new 27" 1080p TV/Monitor hybrid, it has some scratches but is great. My cables were a rats nest, and now they are jank. Please enjoy the mostly ordered chaos
  5. I just love it, and would like to see more every so often. Anyone else agree? Anyone at LMG, is there possibly more to come?
  6. Greetings everyone, I am here today to share my build. Fancy? Not particularly. RGB, no. Blue yes! This is a story. I have been up all night programming, forgive any rambling feels. Ok so the beginning. When I was a child I used to play this awesome word game. A few years ago I felt like playing it again but sadly there was no app for it, the ripoff apps where horrid, and the 3DS/2DS version sucked (it was missing so many words and other fun features). It was at that point I decided to make my own version. The first version was well, spaghetti code. I had been a bit out of practice in coding, and still did not quite have an intuitive understanding of how to structure code. It was playable, but never released and eventually forgotten as life went on to be busy. Fast forward a few years and it is a handful of months ago. Until then I had been working with Processing (Java wrapper language) almost exclusively. I spent a good amount of time working on a GUI/menu system to act as a reusable code framework, and base for the app. The app was 98% complete and I released it to the Play Store, but it still had a small bug I could not fix, and big one that was Processing's fault (WQHD+ would drop to 16fps even with blank code). I quickly unpublished it. It was at this point I knew I needed to change my ways. I needed to leave the comfort zone of what I knew (Processing) and move on to something bigger, better. I started using Unity. Unity sometimes gets a bad rap for it's shitty games. From my experience that is 90% shitty developers. Although if I could get the physics engine working without things exploding or phasing through floors in my simulations that would be great. Anyhow, I spent a few hours following Brackey's unity game making tutorial and within a week had the core of my game down. I must say C# is so much better that Processing/Java imho. At this point I had started releasing my game to the Play Store, but was getting frustrated with my current setup. I have been using Linux for years, but it had problems, namely the lack of compatibility, and regular freezes. No matter what distro that laptop running it was getting annoying to use with Linux. The laptop btw, also hates Windows. It couldn't even run Windows when I bought it. It would also take a little longer than I'd like for it compile whenever I wrote code. One of the worse parts was the laptop's limited screen options. I was stuck with two: the built in and an external. Keep in mind I used to rock five monitors at a times all 80's hacker style. These pitfalls were all contributing factors to my upgrade, but I must mention Linus's "Reasons Windows is Better" videos definitely helped (I hate Windows with a passion, if it weren't for him I may still be on Linux). So it was decided, I would be making a new build that could meet my needs. I need to mention gaming cases. They are the best. No cut's, beautiful, designed for airflow, lots of hardware, proper spacing, tempered glass to monitor dust, cable management for airflow/contact-prevention/peace-of-mind, dust filters, etc.. They are all around amazing. I got the Thermaltake Versa H18 for $56, fantastic. While the parts were in the mail I decided to upgrade my desk. My old setup was small, and had no room for the new PC. So $10 in screws and some old shelving, and I had myself a desk. Best part is the gaps in the wood forces you to keep down clutter. The pull out keyboard/mouse is fantastic and the beast feature. I work at night alot because it is so quiet and peaceful to code at night. However I have neighbours below me and rolling chairs can be loud down below, but with the pull out system my chair no longer has to roll. I can just push it in and turn around. Finally to build the PC. I was very worried that my particular motherboard would not contain a recent enough BIOS update and my Ryzen 3 would not work, requiring a 2 to do the update. Luckily it worked. My budget was $600, and RAM is the only thing left I need more of. PC specs here: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with Vega 8 Graphics @ 3.6GHz Patriot Viper Elite Series DDR4 8GB (2x4GB) 2666MHz PC4-21300 Thermaltake Smart 500W Kingston 240GB A400 SSD GIGABYTE B450M DS3H 1TB HDD from the laptop MSI R7 250 for two extra monitors Windows 10 Pro Some extra LED fans and strips It runs 3 times faster than my old PC, and I finally have more monitors. I can finally game (well smooth GTA V), and have compatibility and as much stability as Windows can muster. Development of my app (the entire purpose of this) has been so much better, I am so glad I have this. Thanks for listening to my rambles. If anyone is curious the app that started all this is called Word Wise, it's on the play store here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.madsciencelabs.wordwise3. You can see an action shot of its development with the new system up here.
  7. Greetings guys, I have joined the forums today for this sole purpose: to propose a proper set for the server room. Although not brought up often, when a video is made that revolves around the server room it is clearly not up to the standards that we have seen from LMG. What is the production quality of a closet? I feel that for how important it is, a typical server closet does not do it justice, and does not fit the LMG style. Furthermore Linus loves messing around with that stuff, he has true passion for it. Watching a passionate man play with his enterprise toys makes for good content IMO. I believe a proper set would open up the doors for future videos of Linus geeking out, because he would have way more options and less limitations. In my head I see a proper sized room, sealed, insulated, fireproof, dust filtered, and maybe even having an air shower system, because why not — it seems like something Linus would do. It would have it's own climate control, and maybe even some active noise cancellation technology which would make a great video as well. Finally, RGB of course. The whole room. Those are just my assumptions on what the team would do, but I am sure you guys have a lot of suggestions as well. Looking forward to hearing your feedback, Cheerio –madscience2728