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  1. title explains it, which one should i buy? im getting a ryzen 5 2600 and want to overclock the cpu to a decent overclock i live in australia so prices are different here my options are: Bazooka b450m plus - 125aud gaming b450m plus -130aud which will give me the best overclocking performance out of the 2? also i have asked elseware and people have suggested the tomahawk(190aud) and mortar(160aud) which are over my budget thanks in advance
  2. I want to upgrade my core i5 7400 which is starting to feel slow with modern titles My PC has a gtx 1070 and 24gb of 2400mhz ram (8+16) i want to upgrade my CPU and mobo to something that will run games fine at 144hz 1080p , i play mostly bf5, overwatch, cities skylines, csgo, civ 6 and a few indie games. also i live in australia so prices are abit messed up and we have a very small used market here and my budget is around 300 aud after some research my options are: Ryzen 5 2600 - $200 +cheapest B450M mobo- $110 total 310 ish core i5 9400f - $225 + cheapest b360 mobo-$105 total 330ish which CPU will bring the best performance in game for the best value? also will the 2400mhz ram hurt the ryzen too much? any other CPU suggestions? thanks in advance