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  1. I have been out of the game since the i7-6700k. My brother has asked me to build him a PC his and I comeback to a sea of videos and now i am completely lost in the storm of 2070s, 2070 supers, 2080Ti and giant prices ranges for all of it. Hopefully someone takes pity on me and helps guide me through this storm. I Plan on overclocking the CPU if that is still what everyone does. I would want to aim for just an everyday OC something that is set it and forgot it. I am open to up grading my GPU down the road and just buying something on the lower end for now(for my PC i bought a b stock 970 and ran that for a year or 2 and upgraded to a 1080 down the road). As for everything else i don't really plan on touching it for the next 5 years so my CPU is my CPU and i won't really care about forward compatibility. 1. Budget & Location: His budget will be around $1,500ish US Looking to buy the parts over the next month or 2 with all the Christmas and black Friday deals. 2. Aim: He's a gamer so that will be to focus (world of Warcraft, COD, BL3) Normal use would be to have WoW open on one monitor with Discord and 5 chrome tabs and a twitch Stream on another. Every now and then stream game play to discord. 3. Monitors: He currently use 2 monitors Asus 1080 23.1in monitors nothing to write home about. I will be purchasing an additional monitor At least 24inch 144hz 1080 ( i am open to bumping that up to 1440 27inch) monitor will not be part of the 1500 budget but i am open to any suggestions i will more than likely purchase what ever one is a screaming deal this holiday season. 4. Peripherals: Has everything he needs. I am really just looking for a road map here since i am going to be trying to grab everything when it goes on sale. Examples would be should i aim for 16gigs or go for 32? what is a good price for the 3800x $315us? should i just go with the 9700k? when picking a motherboard what should i look for? Part List: Type Item Price CPU: 3800x or I7 9700k ? CPU Cooler: NOCTUA NH-D15 seems to be the best but an AOI just looks way better (open to either) Motherboard: Anything that last 5 years? Memory: 32gigs? Storage: atleast a 1tb SSD or maybe a m.2 nvme Storage: maybe just 2 1tb SSDs in raid zero? Video Card: nvidia ? (have heard some terrible stories about AMD video drivers) Case: PC-O11 Dynamic looks amazing but might not be for my use case Power Supply: Anything that last 5 years? Operating System: Have a copy of windows 10 0 Total: Monitor suggestions: I know that this is a lot of work and i want to thank Everyone for taking the time to read this post.