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  1. Hey! I'm upgrading from an AMD 8350FX and hd7950 (I know... yikes) To a 3700x ryzen But I'm wondering what's going to be better for what I need. I'm streaming Minecraft mostly with shaders (and struggling with the shaders on) But I'd like to move into more graphically demanding titles without my hd7950 bursting into flames and my 8350 melting into a pile of mush, I legit have my streams buffer when my fps drops in minecraft and that's only at 720p... I'd like to also do some video editing, *Sony vegas mainly, montages and stuff, Would i be better suited with a 1080ti or a 2070 super? I'm out of the loop when it comes to new cards and these cards both have my attention atm. I know the 2070 super is massively newer, BUT it doesn't seem to push much harder than the 1080ti.. or am i mistaken? If possible I'd LIKE to stream at 2k. But 1080 is fine if not. Thanks!