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  1. That was many morals of many stories... I think we need an organization like Linus's to dig deeper. I gave reasoning above: successful cases / cooling systems in this category that were available and not overpriced were also killed / dicontinued.
  2. I think it would be worth it for Linus to look into why all of these passive cool cases fail and/or are killed. The most famous Zalman has been discontinued too... These got so much interest too - and aren't insanely expensive. So I figure there might be another reason! Perhaps chipsets without dedicated heatsinks / head pipes die early? No only don't these have the potential of failing fans or pumps, but they aren't moving dust into your system. (Although, Calyos's design is idiotic - having all your components exposed / not in a case.)
  3. Old? Can you give me an example... I haven't heard of this. I'd like to use Vega GPUs, but not a requirement, I guess.
  4. OK, here's the dream setup: having multiple VMs that don't have higher latency because they use USB & GPU passthroughs. However this would make it difficult to switch quickly between your host & guest VM. This is because the host's GPU and guests GPU would be different - and therefore you'd have to have two cables from two GPUs to one ore two displays! In this case, I just want one display. What's the best / quickest solution so I can switch between host & guest VMs using my keyboard on the same display? Thanks! :)