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  1. Hi guys sorry for the late response. I eventually tried rooting the Samsung galaxy s8 unfortunately i ended up breaking the software. The phone now only turns on and is able to boot in to the flashing utility and not further than that. Luckily as they say live and learn i got a successful running version of Linux on an other phone by using termux and the Linux software from NetHunter and also the vnc from NetHunter. Unfortunately my S8 still remains unbootable so does anyone maby know where i can find a legitimate version of Android for an s8 i am not to sure about the model number so i will have to get that as soon as i get home. Ps; thanks a lot for the help guys it really helped a ton.
  2. Hi there i was wondering if someone could help me out with a personal project. Im trying to get a working version of Linux to run on my Samsung galaxy s8. Is it even possible to run a standalone Linux OS on a phone or do you have to use an emulator. I tried using termux to install linux but every time the install finishes and i run the "start-ubuntu19. Sh" command it just tells me that the specified command is not found. If any one has some suggestions for me i would very much appreciate it.
  3. The ram is working fine and shows very good compatibility and even if the cpu only supports ram with 2933mhz when i finally do get the voltage to go up then i could actually got the ram al the way up to 3333mhz with some good timings as well. This i actually confirmed last night just before going to sleep(i am on south African time). So after my first post i went through some more testing and found that if i reset the bios to default and then enable XMP then i save that configuration then i have to put my computer of for about 2 minutes and only then when i boot it back up after 2 minutes i get a perfectly stable boot with 3200mhz and voltage also went up to 1.35V. I then did some benchmarks that got me some good improvements. I also went as far as tightening my timings up a bit and that also gave some extra performance and it was all good and stable. But when i shut down my computer and put it back on then the voltage just drops down to 1.2V again all on it's own. So i am at least close to finding the problem but i think my bios might be a bit faulty. That is the only conclusion that i can find.
  4. Hello i recently finished building my pc and i came across some really wierd things that i honestly don't know how they could happen. When enabling my XMP profile on my RAM (corsair vengeance rgb pro 3200mhz cl16 16Gb kit) i get some wierd behavior. The pc can't boot up with the XMP profile when the frequency is set to 3200mhz. Rather i only get a stable boot on 2666mhz. Upon further inspection i also noticed that my DRAM voltage was still on 1.2V i then set the voltage to increase to 1.35V and after rebooting the pc the voltage stil stay at 1.2V but my 1.35V setting is still there. Funny enough the SOC voltage ramps up normal but my DRAM voltage doesn't. After some lengthy inspection of the bios and updating my bios everything stayed the same and the DRAM voltage still doesn't increase. I then went to sleep and woke up the next morning to find that the voltage finally increased to 1.35V and i then got a stable boot of 3200mhz. I then did some benchmarks but my results came out worse then what they was at 2666mhz. After then adjusting my timings i had one unstable boot but got back in to the bios just to find my troubles starting all over again. It then didn't want to increase the voltage of my DRAM. I have already tried everything that i could find on all of the forms but nothing works. My computer specs are; Motherboard; msi b450 tomahawk max CPU; ryzen 3 3200g RAM; corsair vengeance rgb pro 3200mhz cl16 2×8Gb PSU; corsair rm750i M.2 ssd; Hp EX920 256GB Please help because i even tried to get help from my the retail store that i bought it from but not even they can help me.