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  1. Thanks for all the tips, I probably won't do to much with this PC since it will be going to my son in about 5 months, Ill be sure to use the tips for my next build though. Thank you again
  2. By your post you just completely fixed the issue i never even thought of. Although upgrades are still needed, and I need to learn how to OC. I play on a 4k tv, my games were trying to launch in 4k and that was my entire issue with low fps, I set games to run 1080p on ultra settings and im pushing around 90 fps instead of 30-50. Thank you so much, that should help me get by until tax time for a complete upgrade and pass this pc onto my kid.
  3. Current Build CPU - I5 6600k GPU - R9 390 MB - MSI Z710A Gaming M7 RAM - GSKILL 16GB DDR4 (I think 2333) Case - Nzxt H440 Red & Black BUDGET NEW - $1500 max Should I start fresh or just upgrade components, I plan on keeping SSD, ram if possible, case. Goal is to keep up with today's games and keep them enjoyable, but on my current build I'm barely pushing 50fps on games like 7days to die, I prefer survival sandbox games but would still like to jump to a high fps game if needed. I'm an average gamer, but I also have a home studio so i need a balanced build that can still push out a good image and fps.