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  1. I just want to update everyone about what happened. I did further testing with my EVGA N1 psu and I discovered 2 things. first is that is not even a 80 plus certificated psu, and second I used HWMonitor to see the 12v voltage and It was below 11.700v which explains why it was shutting down. I bought the Corsair RM650x and It's working perfectly now. this to be a lesson to never be cheap out with PSU and always buy 80 plus certificated( with high end graphics cards).
  2. Ok, I Guess i'm buying a Corsair psu now...
  3. After the 7th benchmark it did shutdown.
  4. dude I just notice that I run a benchmark that makes a 98% use of the gpu and my pc didn't shutdown, I even run the 4k one and nothing happened, but the moment I open a game it shutdowns. wtf is this!!!!
  5. I just finnished 4 benchmarks of Furmark. I'm still surpriced that finished somehow... the temp curve goes from 30°c to 70°c in like a second, then the rest of the benchmark goes normal and reaches a max temp of 87°c, the fan speed is 2500rpm but I tried to crank the speed to 8000rpm all the time during a game but it didn't make any diference, my pc still shut down.
  6. My power supply is brand new and it's seems good, I used my old graphics card just in case and it's ok. In wattman shows that the moment I open steamVR energy consumption jumps to 170W and temps jumps from 30 to 67°c in 3 sec. Then it turns off.
  7. Yes, also update. now my computer is shuting down instantly when I open steam vr o any game...I want to die
  8. I bought a Radeon RX5700 xt like 10 days ago, the first day I installed the card on my pc was working fine...for 4 min, the it shut down. temperatures were normal so I though probably is my 500w power supply so I bought a 750w but its still shuting down my PC. I updated my bios, installed windows again, i'm even considering buying a motherboard with pci-e 4.0 support but I have no Idea what else could be. I've seen other forums with the same problem but non of them have an answer, I really hope it's not a bad graphics card. PC's specs: -Asus b350m-a motherboard -AMD Ryzen 1700 -XFX Radeon RX5700 XT -Ddr4 Kingston Hyperx Fury 8gb 2400 -EVGA N1 750w power supply.