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  1. Hey, Thank you for the reply. So, we create a video for a single channel which we use as a livestream. If the video is 2 hours long, we set it to loop infinitely. For example, a full episode will keep playing over and over on a single channel until we tell it to stop. The idea is to do this on 100 - 200 channels at the same time (with different videos on different channels). Just some more background information. We recently launched a channel and the livestream accounts for more than 10% of the channels views and watchtime. At the moment, we can run around 30 of these livestreams from a single iMac. Specs: 3.6 GHz i7 16GB RAM 251GB Flash Storage
  2. Hello guys, I work for a company that manages multiple YouTube channels and we have the need to livestream to a variety of these channels, usually for long periods of time. At the moment we are outputting around 100+ streams. I'm essentially the 'expert' when it comes to this but I am currently working with what I have available. I have assigned each team an iMac which they use to encode and push the file to YouTube as a livestream using FFMPEG. The developer here has also created an easy-to-use interface so users don't need to interact with any terminals etc. I now have the opportunity to centralise this process to a single machine. So I'm thinking of some kind of server which people can interface with remotely from the comfort of their own office chair. So, my questions / thoughts: - What hardware would I need to stream 100 ~ 200 looping videos from a single machine? This would also need to support encoding videos people send to it at the same time. - What would be the best way for multiple people to interface with the machine remotely at the same time. (I was thinking some kind of local, web based interface where files could be organised. Not sure about interacting with FFMPEG but I imagine we will create something ourselves. Would be great to get some ideas on this) I've been thinking about this all day and decided that I need to get some help / ideas, so let me know what you guys have got! Thanks, Tim