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  1. I would like to build my own server, as a NAS box is lame, and wont work for what I need it to do. This server I want to build will be running Linux (likely mint) and be used for plex, home file storage, and possibly other tasks as I get more and more able to build it and add more to it. I would like it to have hot swap bays on the front, and that's where the questions start. Some cases I've found (mostly newegg) either make no mention of a back-plane or say they use mini SAS connectors. I plan to use software raid in Linux rather than raid cards, and don't know what mini SAS is, and if each drive would be recognized to be used in software raid. Next I would ideally like to be able to take out one drive and have it start rebuilding the array automatically rather than needing intervention. Lastly I don't really know where to find a suitable case (10+hot-swap) , and honestly what I'm doing with the server part of the build. I can build actual PC just fine, but get tripped up with the back-plane, server chassis, and HBA cards to get this all off the ground. Any help would be appreciated!