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  1. i have rx480 8gb but i can survive with him but just buy new ram and i want to buy 2k 144hz monitor i know my card cant handle it but i will wait to the ampere or to amd btw i have i7 6700k i need to upgrade it if i will buy next gen cards?
  2. Actually i thought to build new pc with i9 9900k and rtx 2080super 32gb of ram z390.... its worth to do the "cpu and motherboard upgrade"?
  3. ok, i will go with the rtx 2080 super, thank you very much for your help!.
  4. so what to choose? money is not a factor atleast under 750$ only gpu
  5. i have an i7 6700k 4.00ghz , and the gpu upgrade its just a step! im going to build all new gaming setup!, i want the rog strix but idk if the rx5700xt will be future proof, i will be happy to know what do you think, btw i have the money up to 2080 super but i want to see if i can save some money.
  6. yes, i know that already, btw thank you very much for your help sir <3.
  7. yes but ill wait until i7 6700k will be to weak to run games at 2k ultra?high and i will replace him with future cpus like ryzen 4000 or intel 10th gen
  8. hello guys i have a dilemma as usual... i want to build new pc but my setup sucks (including monitor) and i though with the money over 2000$ to build new setup and "upgrade" my pc my current specs and the parts i want to replace: i7 6700k 4.ghz gigabyte b150 b7 sniper (want to replace with z270 gaming 7 professional asrock ) hyperx fury 2x4 2133mhz(replace with 3200mhz 2x16 rbg corsair vengeance,the hyperx fury will still be useful for my brother) 1tb hdd(need more!!!) m.2 ssd 128gb(another 1tb sata ssd wont be bad xd) case vsp 5000(i want the coolermaster mb520) psu corsair cx550m (i want 750w antec hcg gold modular} gpu rx 480 8gb msi gaming x( i want the rtx2080 super msi x trio) things for the setup: chair: cougar armor one x desk:LINNMON/ADILS keyboard:i got k55 (i want k70 mk2) mouse zowie ec 2b (love it!) mouse pad everything that look nice with size of 900mm x400mm (400 dpi xd) headset:hyperx cloud alpha monitor:24.5 inch y25f lenovo 144hz 1920x1080( playing on 60hz because 144hz make me sick idk why ( i want the lenovo l24q-10) (maybe :hotas joystick for star citizen and more) what is more worth? to buy all this or the next specs: x570 msi mpg same ram as the one for the upgrade rtx 2080 super the same and 3700x and the rest the same i hope some one can help me with this thx any way!!!
  9. thank you very much ! ill buy andromeda instead.
  10. hello guys,i want to upgrade my minimalistic mustang alpha and the ship i want to upgrade to not n the rsi site, i found 2 sites 1 is ebay, a seller with good amount of points and solds, 2 its star hangar i already saw they are expensive af but i not have a lot of options, i would like to get some help from you guys and someone now when the mercury star runner will came out?? https://star-hangar.com/mercury-star-runner.html
  11. for gaming at 2k 144hz and for future proofing and for being more specific i want to know on the r7 3700x vs i7 9700k and ryzen 9 3900x vs i9 9900kf