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  1. SPECSPSU: USED AONE 500w True Rated Korean BrandedEGPU DOCK: GDC Beast 8.5 cLAPTOP: Sony Vaio SVS13113FWWBackstoryOkay so basically it was working fine before. I was running the EGPU just fine playing games and watching movies. Then it stopped working all of the sudden. It stopped working after I switched from "Plugging my PSU directly to an outlet", to "Plugging my PSU Extention Outlet". The problem was the sockets in the Extension outlet were loose so you had to balance the plug on top of it. A simple kick or movement to the extension would make it lose power. it worked fine for a couple days.Extra Info/ Tests i've tried1.I tried the paperclip test my PSU and the Fans Spin.2. With everything plugged in(EGPU DOCK, Graphics Card, PSU, HDMI to EGPU DOCK), and i turn my laptop on, the green light on the EGPU DOCK just flashes once and the GPU fan just twitches. The PSU FAN also doesn't spin.3. With everything plugged in but with out the Graphics Card, The Dock's lights stay on, and the Power supply is spinning.TEST: (while the lights on the dock were ON and the PSU was spinning, I tried putting the Video card on the dock, then the PSU fans stopped spinning and the green Light on the GPU dock turns off.
  2. Alright so im trying to set up an egpu using the exp gdc beast v8.5 and when i plug the graphics card in and turn the laptop on, the PSU and GDC BEAST turn on, while the gpu's fans just twitch a little and the led on the GDC BEAST flashes once. The gpu is an RX560. Im using a 500 watt PSU, and i did the paper clip test. Is my card dead? Any help is appreciated!