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  1. Just get Nocua A12x25. It's the best 120mm fan you can buy. Edit: Personally, I will avoid F12 due to its high-pitched whine at around 1300 rpm.
  2. What is the maximum safe temperature for HDD? I recently notice that the temperature of my HDD are around 55~57 C at full write/read, 48~50 C at idle. Will such temperature damages HDD? My case is Lian-Li O11XL HDD: 2014 WD black 2011 hitachi unknown model
  3. How long do you have to wait for the replacement to arrive at the provided address? It's been a month (22 business days) since Noctua emailed me that they will send me replacements, but I still haven't received them. I know that it might take longer to arrive because I live in Taiwan. However, it is kinda weird that it took so long since Noctua told me those replacements are dispatched from Taiwan.
  4. Your GPU might be unstable at lower voltage. Just set clock offset 1~2 steps (15~30MHz) lower and see if crash still persists. The performance difference is negligible.
  5. I'd rather pay $100 more for useable gpu driver. This particular gpu was on sale, so I bought it with the price of 5700xt.
  6. My current case is Meshify C which is too short to fit msi 2070 super trio and three front intake fans. Is there a case that has front mesh panel and is just long enough to fit msi 2070 super trio? Thanks.
  7. 100~120 fps most of the time. around 80% on one of the thread.
  8. I wish Noctua also make CPU coolers with 8mm heatpipes
  9. Hello. Recently I upgraded my 1060 6g to 2070 super. The GPU utilization stuck at 70~80% while I was playing Forza Horizon 4. Is my Cpu bottlenecking the GPU? Monitor resolution : 1440P 144Hz Cpu: Ryzen 5 1600 3.8GHz Motherboard : Asus strix B350F
  10. Which brand would you recommend?
  11. well, 2080 costs more, hence the question.
  12. My monitor resolution is 1440p 144Hz. Which GPU should I get? EVGA 2070 super black edition $580 EVGA 2070 super XC gaming $606 EVGA 2080 XC ultra $645 Does 2080 worth the price difference? Edit : 5700XT is not in my consideration due to its buggy driver.
  13. Remove middle and front top fans. Those two fan basically exhaust cool air before it can even cool anything. Set them to lowest rpm if you insist on installing those fans.
  14. I meant the heatsink of the Asus 2080 super dual. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/GkTzK8/asus-geforce-rtx-2080-super-8-gb-dual-evo-oc-video-card-dual-rtx2080s-o8g-evo
  15. Temperature seems to be the same as reference cooler in some reviews, which is odd because ASUS Dual is 1 slot thicker than reference cooler. So how is the heatsink of ASUS 2080 super Dual? edit : words
  16. It will be very difficult if not impossible to remove those fins If they are soldered on heatpipes. Even press-fit fins are difficult to remove without damaging heatpipes.
  17. Definitely Noctua, Cooler master fans are loud, underperforming, and unreliable. Before I switched to Noctua, I RMA'ed my MF120 AB two times in a month.
  18. https://www.delta-fan.com/ProductSeries.aspx?seriesname=AFB 5200 rpm 240cfm one seems to suit your need
  19. WOW. A new entry-level GPU is faster than a 3-year-old mid-range GPU???? How is that possible??? So exciting!1!!1
  20. The cooler with three fans gives people an impression that the card runs cool while in reality it does not. It seems like a scam to me.
  21. CPU coolers' TDP doesn't really mean anything without temperature delta. Let's say A and B cooler both are capable of dissipating 200W heat load. The temperature delta of A cooler is 40 ℃ while the temperature delta of B cooler is 50 ℃. It is clear that A cooler is better than B cooler, even though both coolers are capable of dissipating 200W heat load.