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  1. Well, to me every little detail counts. Any other upgrades?
  2. I get Forza horizon 4 stuttering on max settings. I love getting the most out of my games and the best looking experience. Maximum textures and shaders at 30 fps i will favour over 120 fps with low settings
  3. I realised that my gaming PC is not really a gaming PC. Some of the specs, some people don't even consider good parts for gaming. It's like a potato that got a GTX strapped to it. Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370p d3 CPU: Intel core i3 8100 8GB Corsair Valueselect RAM PSU: Corsair VS350 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1060 3gb Some black Antec case that should be for an office pc My 1TB drive is good Recommend any parts I must upgrade for it to be a good gaming rig please and thank you for the help!
  4. Wouldn't a second gen Ryzen be out of date? Also I can splash my cash, around 400 pounds if need be. I do have other stuff to sell if I need to make money
  5. I have an intel core i3 8100 and an intel z370p d3. I have seen some of the specs for my pc and feel like i need to haul a bunch of new parts in. I have seen a cheap Ryzen 5 3600x and seen that it's a good deal. What motherboards are compatiable with 3rd gen Ryzens? Should I switch from blue to red team? Are there any great cheap deals at the moment? I've got 8 gigs of RAM and a GTX 1060 3gb (I will be switching to a GTX 980 soon) I am a gamer Any more info please specify!
  6. i understand. if any other person wants to comment you can but i wont reply
  7. thanks everyone. i game but i also mod the hell out of them so a file transfer speed would be very helpful to me. any arguments in favor for the SATA?
  8. should i get an m.2 ssd or a SATA one? my motherboard (z370p d3) has an m.2 slot and im thinking of utalizing it. is there any difference between the m.2 and sata connection? i have 8gb of ram a core i3 8100 and a 1tb hard drive any other specs let me know
  9. I've seen online and the m literally means semi modular, which i would like a modular cables. 650 also seems overkill for a gtx980
  10. what does myopic mean?
  11. AMD cards i am not interested in, i am on green team
  12. Ive found a corsair cx650m in my price range and corsair i believe dont make cheapo ones and they have much reputation for making good genuine products
  13. Ive seen the specs for the 1660 ti it seems to be a glorified 1060 and a non rtx, rtx 2060, like the nintendo switch lite. I could always upgrade my psu anyway. any other suggetions?