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    Love technology
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    Im a huge fan of linus
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    Student in bolton


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  1. Who could help me make the desktop of a user when disconected from the network not show their desktop
  2. Yes I would personally recommend the beats solo 2 headphones I’ve been using them for 2years and I can never hear my mum yelling at me definitely recommend
  3. Please could anyone send me the the powershell commands to install exchange server 2019 on my domain controller running running windows server 2016 please would be highly appreciated Thanks
  4. Does anyone know a video where i can customize the lockscreen on windows 10 from my windows server 2019 server thanks if anyone intreseted please contact me so you can email me thannks
  5. OK thanks i will recomend this stuff to the team at work could you send me emails about new equipment that may be any value to me contact me back if your intrested thanks
  6. I personally think that windows deployment is pretty crap because you have to bring every laptop and plug it into a switch what is the point in that but many others may disagree
  7. its for a school chapel so it would really have to be stage speakers and arena speakers on the top wall facing down were just wanting to have microphone pc and any other device and a mixer to control it or a sound controller app
  8. true i use roaming profiles there ok but not that great mixed with windows 7 and windows 10 but yes i agree
  9. I would Reccomend a Ubiquity switch there Well maid and superb for home network
  10. OK I agree with you their
  11. if you mesh your network together with a vlan with the access points might work
  12. No in the advert it came up as Ubuntu commands and Some other operating sytem commands
  13. i have noticed that in windows 10 1903 that in the command prompt it deosent have the functionality of linux stability as said in the 1903 advert