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  1. I firstly tried switching gpu with my buds and in his pc it didnt seem to make any noise at all, might have to test it again to be completely sure but it wasn't even close to as loud. I also tried just switching psu but the whine was still there. I do feel it's weird that my gpu got the whine just after I tried to up my cpu oc since I dont see how that could affect my gpu power delivery
  2. Hey, I have already made a post surrounding this issue but I have some new information that I feel might make a new post more helpful. Current build: Rx 5700 XT rog strix i5 7600k Asus z270 prime p Corsair rm650x The i5, mb and psu are around 2 years old at this point. My issue is that my new Rx 5700 XT has some insane coil whine when under load, in UserBenchmark for example it sounds like it's about to blow up. The reason I suspect that this is caused by the motherboard stems from a couple of reasons. Firstly I have tried switching gpus, my now old rx 480 was the gpu that I first started noticing the whine from and I tried using my older r7 370 that had similar whine and now my Rx 5700 XT is also doing it. Secondly, when I was still using my rx 480,I tried switching my psu out for my friends and I still had the same issue but when I actually installed it into his pc with his mobo I didn't notice the whine at all. Lastly, the whine started after I tried bumping up my Cpu clock to 5 ghz with limited results and when I went back to 4,7 ghz I noticed the whine which I had never heard before. The reason I am conserned is because the coil whine during gaming is insanely loud and seems to be getting louder with each session and I worry I am actually damaging my new gpu aswell. So is my best course of action to buy a new motherboard similar to my current one and hope that it solves the problem or could it be caused by my cpu aswell?
  3. Okay, I have some pretty bad news. I bought a new Gpu, a Rx 5700 XT Rog Strix which I would of bought later on anyway but it was on sale so I went for it. It did however not resolve the noise and if anything just made it worse. I doubt I got a card with coil whine since it's the exact same sound coming from the gpu as with the Rx 480. I will try to install this gpu in my friends system aswell and see, but I think it comes down to the motherboard giving out on me which really sucks since I was planing on using it for another year or so.
  4. Hey, I just bought a Corsair Force MP510 M.2 ssd that's on it's way, but I realised that I had no clue where I had put my Motherboards M.2 screws since I built the computer 2 years ago and probably didn't think much of them. I've looked for them as best as I can but haven't had any luck yet, so I'm wondering if anyone knows any place I can buy M.2 screws near Sweden. They also aren't pre-screwed to the Motherboard.
  5. I went over to him and we managed to switch PSU, though it was pretty difficult since mine was fully modular which his wasn't. Though even after we switched the sound was still there at a similar volume, so that does make the Gpu the most likely culprit but could there be a chance that the PCI-e lane itself has something to do with it? I will be upgrading my mb, cpu, ram, gpu and ssd in a short while anyway so I really just want to make sure that my PSU doesn't fry everything, but if it's only caused by regular old gpu coil whine I have no issue with upgrading my Gpu in the coming week or so.
  6. Well I ran into some issues with my SSD not booting for a while, it magically fixed itself today but I am honestly not sure how stable it actually is. I do want to clarify as much as I know to help fix my issue that I missed out on in my original post. Firstly, I tested the Gpu in my friend's system after I noticed the noise and did not hear it at all which does point to the fact that it might be my PSU. Secondly, I would really suspect the Gpu to be the one component that actually causes the noise since it starts as soon as the Gpu is under load and stops instantly when the load application is cancelled, not that this doesn't mean that it couldn't be in the actual PSU but it really sounds like it actually is being made inside the actual Gpu. I will test to insert an r7 370 and see if the problem persists since it's all I currently have myself and my friends Gpu is only a 1050 ti which doesn't actually draw any power from the PSU directly which I would atleast suspect probably wouldn't give me similar results. If the problem persists with the 370 I might test my friends PSU which has identical Wattage and see if the problem still remains. Hope this info helps. Edit: I have now tested the r7 270 aswell and it does have similar coil whine aswell, though this doesn't actually mean that it is the PSU since it's an old card which I had when I probably didn't think much of that sort of noise, it is however not as loud. So what I wonder then is if my Rx 480 just randomly got coil whine or if I just didn't notice it before OR if it actually is the PSU fault. I can certianly say that the sound actually is coming from the Gpu now since it wasn't the same pitch. I any case I'd really just like to know if it's safe for me to buy a new gpu and try it aswell or if there's a chance I might fry it if my PSU is defective. I could just buy a new PSU aswell as Gpu but it would be nice to hold onto that extra money for a bit atleast.
  7. Hey, I've had my RX 480 for around 2 years now and haven't experienced any noticible coil whine during that time. However, after overclocking my Cpu to try and get as much juice out of it as possible before I upgrade it, I noticed that my Gpu made a loud static noise similar to coil whine but much louder than what I've experienced prior. It only makes this noise during load but I've tried moving it to another system where it didn't make any noise whatsoever. So is it that my PSU or Motherboard is starting to fail? My PSU is a Corsair RM650x and my Motherboard is a Asus Prime Z270-P and I've had both as long as I've had my Gpu. I will be upgrading my Gpu soon but I want to make sure that this only is regular coil whine and not a faulty PSU/Motherboard. Any help is appreciated.