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  1. If there is a hardware fault it would be beyond my ability to diagnose. One thing I tried is manually setting the voltage to the DRAM to the recommended 1.350 and enabled XMP. That seems to work, but I've had a case where I still get the same error after restarting. I have to enter the setup and load the last-known good config and then exit without making changes and it boots up. I suppose as long as it works I'm okay with it. For now, at least.
  2. I'm a novice with BIOS adjustments. Would I have to enable the XMP and then manually adjust the RAM to a lower speed? Or leave XMP alone altogether?
  3. I cannot enable the XMP profile for the 32 GB memory kit I've installed. I get an error message stating that overclocking has failed and that default settings will be used. My memory speed is 2133 at default settings. I've updated the BIOS to the latest available version. I am using an i5-7600K quad-core processor. Previous kit was 16 GB of Corsair 3200CL16 RAM which never caused an issue with XMP enabled. How can I get my current kit to run at maximum clock speed with XMP enabled? Thanks.