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  1. I am planning to build a PC for sim racing and editing. Will be using triple 1080p 75-100hz freesync screens/htc vive in racing games. I prefer to go ryzen, my budget is around $1000-1500 without case, monitors and peripherals. I have been gaming on PS4 and working on an old laptop, so want to shift to pc. Suggestions needed for what components to get, don't mind using used parts
  2. Thank you for your time and advice
  3. Hello guys, I am planning to buid my first gaming PC soon, I am undecided about what GPU to get. I am from Bangladesh and GPU prices are comparatively high here. My options are used 1070 in sli, used 1080 to or new 5700 xt. I am planning to use it for gaming and photo and video editing. I will be using triple 1080p displays. I am planning to play F1 2019, Asetto Corsa, Dirt Rally, GTA V and PUBG. I plan on triple screening for racing only. Need your expertise on what to choose and advantages and disadvantages of each setup. Will be pairing it with a 3700x. Thank you for reading.