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    Gotta get all those Certifications.
  • Birthday 1995-05-01

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    Charlotte, NC
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    Dota 2, Football, Computer Building really.
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    Started loving computers when my dad brought me a one when I was 8 years old. I taught myself everything I know, and always Open to learn.
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    None at the second.


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    AMD 6790k
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    Corsair Vengeance 1600+
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    750 Ti SC
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    Cooler Master 690
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    SeaSonic 400 watt
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    Apple Headphones
  1. It will run well, but is the 8350 and r2 for sale?
  2. I got the case today, it's very small! I'm going to RMA it for a bigger case. This tells me not to jump in the wave pool and do my reasearch.
  3. And the same performance as the fury x? If so, I'll wait!
  4. It's actually the exact same size as the case allows, I would LOVE to get that card and try it in there.
  5. I actually like the the case though, with the Elite 110 the layout is so hard to build into I might just RMA and pay the difference.
  6. Hey, guys what's sup? I just want to reach out to the people who knows more than me. I bought a Cooler Master Elite 110 and didn't realize that it only supports 210mm GPU's and I'm wondering besides the ITX 285,960,970 and all. Is there a gtx 980 or such out there that could fit in that case? Thanks
  7. What you mean it won't good? Like, the pixels wouldn't match up. Plus the price tag with the mouse and headset is a steal too so the money is made up.
  8. Hey guys, quick question. The New Asus G501 laptop have a 4k display and Linus stated that the gtx 960m can't run the games at 4K. Though, is it possible to run the display at 1920 x 1080?
  9. Don't get it, if you want any Lenovo, don't go any lower than a t440, MAYBE a t430.
  10. Sadly, they have to add you if you haven't spent 5 dollars on steam.
  11. Also to add, I can't download my files that are needed for school.
  12. Hey guys, I'm having some internet issues. This morning, I woke up and my computer couldn't connect to my network, so I got up and reset the Router (not the modem). So everything went fine, I load up a game of dota but, every 5 minutes steam keeps kicking me out of the servers. I had 39 ping but still getting kicked out? Then I decided to take a internet test and for a few seconds it stays around the averages speeds (40 - 50 mbps) then it drops and never finishes (I would be posting a pic but, Windows 10 is acting up). I reseted my routers and modem through TWC website and it's still the same results? Help?