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  1. In august of this year i purchased a pre built system which included the MSI Vega 56. Over a period of time i got persistent Thread stuck in device driver and black screens with fan ramping up to 100% In all honesty i tried everything ..win 10 fresh install ....AMD drivers by the dozens...all new drivers where i could...hone. Honestly everything including undervolting ..overclocking...using the pc while doing handstands. In the end guys i sent an email to the supplier describng the problem and within 10 mins i had a reply quite simply stating...The card is faulty please RMA ....and within 2 days i recieved an Asrock vega 56 phantom gaming x. The card works like a charm...i may be wrong but if you are getting consistent BSOD and black screen...its prob the card.. Oh and a point ot note both cards have Samsung mem...so where the fault is i cannot say..poss a binning issue with the manufacturer Hope this helps