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  1. The other mouse did have the same problem, but I will try using my mouse on another PC just to see. Either way thanks for the help!
  2. Wouldn't using a different mouse on the same PC confirm that the mouse isn't the problem?
  3. 1000hz. Before these issues started happening, I could feel a difference between 500hz and 1000hz but now I can even put it on 125hz and it feels pretty much the same which is really weird to me.
  4. A few days ago I was playing CSGO and noticed I had a windows update, so before I played another match I went ahead restarted my PC. After the update my mouse sensitivity felt slightly higher, but none of my settings have changed literally everything is the same. The issue isn't just in CSGO its in every game and on my desktop. Things I've tried: • Reinstalled mouse/graphics drivers • Factory reset and reinstalled an older version of windows • Tried using a different mouse • Tried using different USB ports • Tried markc's mouse fix At this point I have no idea what it could be, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!