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  1. Want to put an Accelero Xtreme IV on my 5700XT. However, I've previously used the protective plastic film supplied with it for the backplate. Unfortunately, I can't get it locally, and it would take a while and cost quite a bit to ship it here from their site. And it's just a chore to cut it anyways. I've been looking into it, and some people are saying they just put thermal pads across the entire back side of the PCB, using no plastic film whatsoever. How well would this work? Any possibility of damaging the card? What thickness thermal pad should I use if I do end up going this route? The ones Arctic supplies with the cooler normally are 5mm thick, should I use the same thickness? Any advice is greatly appreciated, I can't seem to find anything definitive on the net. Note: as long as it performs as well as the blower cooler at 100%, but does it silently, I'm okay with it. Doing this mostly for the noise. Better thermals are welcome, and quite honestly, kind of expected. But I'd be fine with keeping junction at about 90ish C, as long as it's done silently.