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    Montreal, Canada
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    Technology, science, modding
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    Dell M4800
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    Nvidia K1100m
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    1 msata for OS, 2 x's 1TB sata's RAID 0
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    2 Acer 213H + laptop display
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    Corsair Strafe Cherry Red MX
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    Anker Vertical mouse
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    Windows 10/Mac OS X/Linux - it's a toolbox, put in the tools that you need!

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  1. Thanks @Statik! Silly hiding it like that, but still a great game!
  2. Hi everyone! So like a lot of us, I've been gaming while under lock down, (we are taking the current world problem a little more seriously here in Canada then, (ahem), "other places", (such as my country of birth). Recently I started Borderlands 3 and I've run into a problem. I just finished "The Impending Storm" and I'm trying to launch "Space-Laser Tag" where I'm supposed to use the fast travel to go to Meridian Metroplex. The "guide diamond" leads me to the fast travel station on Sanctuary, however, when I try to fast travel, the only location available is Sanctuary. I've tried to toggle some side missions, but I only get Sanctuary shown for fast travel. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! zog
  3. @Radium_Angel Yeah, I know! I actually went into the store looking for a Brother printer, but they didn't have any in stock so I got the HP.... The last time I will ever purchase a bleeping HP product!
  4. I have called them multiple times, texted them, contacted them via HP support, Hp forums, and Facebook. Everytime I provide proof of purchase, they stop communication with me.
  5. What do you mean "light mode on"?
  6. Hi @r2724r16 My point here is that if they won't honor a warranty on a printer that cost me $130.00 CDN, what will they do when you try to get warranty service on a $1000.00 laptop?
  7. Hi @Mad153, I just tried the page with Firefox and Edge and it "seems" to load properly for me, Can you take a screen shot so I can see what your seeing?
  8. Hi everyone! So I'm posting my recent experience trying to get HP to provide warranty support for a printer that I purchased 9 months ago. Every time I reach HP support, they stop all conversations with me as soon as I provide proof of purchase. This has been going on for two months now. Here is my latest with HP "support": Re: HP LaserJet M130nw - constant paper jams Thanks for the update. If our system shows the warranty to be incorrect I will need to see the proof of purchase to make updates. zogthegreat ‎06-22-2020 Here is the proof of purchase zogthegreat ‎06-24-2020 Uh, hello? Did you receive the copy of the receipt? zogthegreat ‎06-18-2020 I'll go over to BestBuy tomorrow and get a copy. However, I registered the printer on HP's website the day that I purchased it. zogthegreat ‎06-18-2020 Hi, I am confused with you reply. How can a printer that was purchased last October be " over a year out of warranty"? Does the warranty start before the printer leaves the factory? As for the $300.00 repair fee, (with discount), this printer currently sells for $220.00 CDN: https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/hp-hp-laserjet-pro-m130nw-wireless-all-in-one-laser-printer-m13... How can you charge me a repair fee that is greater than the cost of a new printer? Re: HP LaserJet M130nw - constant paper jams Hello William, Thank you for providing that information. For this issue such as this, I would recommend a repair. The unit is over a year out of warranty so there would be a service fee for the repair but I can discount that fee. With my discount, the fee will be $300. Would you like to move forward with the repair? Best regards, StephanSoMe HP Social Media Support I am an HP Employee Re: HP LaserJet M130nw - constant paper jams Hello, Thank you for contacting HP. I’d like additional information in order to research this issue for you. Can you please confirm the following and fill out any missing fields? - Customer Name: - Contact Number: - Email Address: - Mailing Address: - Country: - Serial Number: - Product Name: - Prior Case Numbers: - Description of issue: paper jam For details on how to locate your product's serial number, click the following HP link: http://hp.care/2gsY4SC Please note, this information will only be used for the purposes of researching any issues, providing support, or routing cases to another support team for regional support. HP's ability to thoroughly review support options or to effectively communicate with you is depended on prior requested information. HP’s Privacy Statement: http://hp.care/2gsY598 Best regards, StephanSoMe -HP Social Media Support I am an HP Employee zogthegreat ‎06-17-2020 Hi, Here is the requested information: - Customer Name: XXXXX XXXXX - Contact Number: 514-XXX-XXX - Email Address: bill@XXXXX.com - Mailing Address: XXXXX Boulevard Rosemont, Montréal, QC XXX XXX - Country: Canada - Serial Number: VNDXXXXXX - Product Name: LaserJet Pro MFP M130nw - Prior Case Numbers: - Description of issue: paper feeds about 1mm into the printer and then the printer gives a paper jam warning and refuses to print. I've tried cleaning the paper feed roller with no change in the jamming. It also prints a large black band on the right side of the paper. The ink cartridge is at 70%, so it's not a low ink issue. Re: HP LaserJet M130nw - constant paper jams Thank you for waiting! I understand your concern and to help you out, I have escalated your concern to HP's Support Team in your region to have it reviewed for available options (if any). You should be contacted within 4 business days (Excluding Holidays & Weekends). Response times may vary by region. Please send us a Private Message, if you aren't contacted within 4-5 business days. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (such as serial numbers and case details). And Feel free to post your query for any other assistance as well. If the information I've provided was helpful, give us some reinforcement by clicking the "Accept as solution" on my public post, that'll help us and others see that we've got the answers! It's been a pleasure interacting with you and I hope you have a good day ahead. It seem that HP does not honor their warranties any more. I would recommend not purchasing any HP products. If they will run you around for 3 months for a bleeping printer that cost $130,00 CDN at the time of purchase, think how hard it will be to get a laptop serviced! zog (Moderator, please feel free to move this thread to a part of the forum that you feel it would be better at.)
  9. Hi @Tiderfish, welcome to the forum! I'm using a Bylski B-PMD3-X DDC: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BYKSKI-B-PMD3-X-DDC-Water-Pump-600L-H-Maximum-Lift-6-Meter-Liquid-Cooling-AI/254583909321?hash=item3b46622bc9:g:EqYAAOSw2fhelwh4 So far I'm really happy with the pump, although sometimes I will place my fingers on it to make sure that it's running... it's that quite. And at $25 USD, it's a real bargain compared to some of the big names. If your worried about the brand name, don't. Steve over at Gamers Nexus did a series on Chinese factories. There are only about 3 factories that make pumps. Essentially most "big name" pumps are made at the same factory as this pump. Barrowch is also a Chinese water cooling company that also offers high quality water cooling products for a lower price than EKWB, Corsair etc. Good luck with your build and please post up pictures of your build for everyone on the forum!
  10. Hi everyone! So I have the Zotac RTX2060 Gaming 6gb video card that I sort of messed up: Yes, that is a heating element from my stove melted into my 3 day old video card!!!! The good news is the card itself was fine, just the fan and shroud were borked. I have a Bykski waterblock on the card now and since I didn't have a chance to do any baseline testing before I screwed up my card, I'm trying to find out what kind of temps other owners of this card are getting. Thanks! zog
  11. Thanks @00RaZoR11! The Raijintek's look like what I need: https://www.raijintek.com/en/products_detail.php?ProductID=14
  12. Thanks for the suggestion @LogicalDrm! I usually don't install the bloatware that comes with with my hardware, but I decided to check out what MSI offers software wise to go with my motherboard. It turns out that my MSI Z270A-Pro has two onboard fan headers that can be controlled with the MSI Command Center application: I have a splitter somewhere, I'll dig it out today. The nice thing is that there are two different headers that can be controlled with the software. I can hookup my 2 pumps to one and all of my fans to the other. My pumps draw power from a 4 pin molex and have a separate lead for the PMW, I can parallel both of the pumps to the PUMP header on my motherboard and use the CPU FAN header to connect the splitter to my fans.
  13. I was just watching this video: At the end of the video, Andrew mentions OpenRGB: https://gitlab.com/CalcProgrammer1/OpenRGB They have a list of compatible components, (motherboard, RAM etc), that can be found here: https://gitlab.com/CalcProgrammer1/OpenRGB/-/wikis/home They only list 2 fans and it doesn't mention if you can control the fan speeds. I'm posting it in case someone needs a RGB controller. Still, the project looks promising. Thanks for the information @LogicalDrm, although they seem to just as expensive as the Corsair Commander
  14. Thanks @Stahlmann98 Yeah, the Corsair Commander Pro seems to be what I'm looking for, I already have a Corsair Strafe keyboard and a Corsair Harpoon mouse, so ICue is already on my system. But the price! Ouch! I'm still on the start of my build so I have time to decide if I want to drop $75 USD on a fan controller... maybe I can mod my old slide lever controller to match my build.