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  1. hey guys I'm having an issue with my Samsung c27fg70 monitor, I'm trying to get 120hz or above on it. when I plug a DP cable into him, flickers are showing and weird color problems occurring. when I plug 2 HDMI cables, the computer thinks I have 2 monitors and in the windows display setting, if I choose "monitor 1" it has 60HZ but if I choose "monitor 2" it shows 120HZ which is fine for me, the thing is suddenly my monitor freezes every once in a while. so I'm stuck with 1 HDMI cable plugged in making it 60HZ ): any tips? my rig: motherboared - Z270 ram - 16G video card - 2 rx 480 (8G) (crossfire) cpu - intel i5 - 7700k sorry for my english (: