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  1. Most of the time, turning it off is fine by me, but some days I have to leave my applications open so I can resume my tasks the next day. Plus, this has happened to me after having shut down the computer for an entire day or weekend, so sleep mode contributing to this issue seems unlikely to me.
  2. Thanks, I will definitely make sure all mobo connections are secure. I was hoping it wasn't one BIOS setting I shouldn't have enable or something like that.
  3. Hello there, My new (ish) PC that I built months ago has been giving me trouble and not sending an output signal to my monitor sometimes. If it's already running, there are no issues, but if I put it to sleep for the day, it won't come back on the next day 50% of the time (even though the RGBs would still be RGBing). If I shut it down on a given day, and start it up the next day.. it *usually* works just fine, but sometimes starts without any display output. (At this point the power button would turn it off immediately) My temporary fix for this is to disconnect my monitors, wait a few, start the machine then plug them back in. (sometimes I'll even resort to switching off the PSU). I'm running on Windows 10 Pro. Here are my specs: ROG Strix Z370-F Gaming mobo Intel I7-8700K GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 16GB memory I have two monitors hooked up via DisplayPort cables. My (wired) keyboard is setup to "Allow this device to wake the computer" in the device manager. I hope the info I gave is sufficient. Any help is appreciated.