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  1. I guess like somewhere around 200$ is something I could spend.
  2. Sooo the question ^ What is a good motherblard for Ryzen 9 3950x? Also, if you have links etc. about the topic I'd appreciate it. And if anyone knows - are G.Skill Trident Z (3000Mhz/3200Mhz) fine for it or?
  3. I monitored the temps but they didn't rly change over the time at all. But thanks anyway
  4. Literally I was just playing a game and it crashed. It didn't start again so I decided to turn off my pc and turn it back on > all of my audio got blocked and I kept getting blue screens with different errors. I tried to reset my windows but got errors, tried to reinstall windows and got errors. It finally worked but everything was crashing and I got blue screens all the time. People started to tell me to take every part out so I did for most of them (didn't touch the processor) I even took the mobo battery off for a while and then it just didn't turn on anymore. After that I changed the power supply. All of my parts are about 2 years old. I got more memory, it's probably 6 months old or so, I also got RTX 2080 Ti and I got it months ago when it almost just came. I'm waiting for the Ryzen 9 3950x so I have to change my mobo too but it sucks if the old cpu is dead now...
  5. I had a problem that lead to the fact that my pc doesn't turn on anymore. I got a new power supply 'cause I had to buy another one anyway.. When I turn on the power supply without touching anything else - motherboard starts to flash. To be exact my mobo is MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon. And the lights that are flashing are f. ex. on every memory I have on, debug led etc. + Processors fan and case fans. Also my power supply (which is now Enermax Revolution D.F) fan tries to start but it doesn't. Does anyone know what the problem is? Also - pressing the power button on my case doesn't do anything.