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  1. Thanks, I think that’s the one cus it’s also closest to 6/17
  2. Could you link the v18 bios download, I seriously couldn’t find it on american megatrends. I’m not being lazy I don’t know where to find the download, I apologize for my website-navigating ineptitude
  3. This might seem dumb. But I want to back up my BIOS on my B450 Tomahawk because I’m gonna download a previous version. I’m not sure how to get the BIOS my computer is currently using. In sys info it says ‘American Megatrends 1.80 6/17/2019’. But I can’t find anything like that on their site. On MSI the BIOS versions are completely different from that, a combination of numbers and letters. And none of them are dated 6/17/19 closest one was 6/24. My mental deficiency puts me in need of help!!
  4. Thanks for the tip, though I’m wondering does clearing the cmos or resetting the bios have any chance of fucking something up?
  5. Last time I measured the processor it was 42-43C while CSGO was on. Cooler is the stock wraith, I got rid of the stock thermal paste and put on some TG-7. If you’re talking about the plastic on the backplate of the mobo then no.
  6. I tried setting everything back to default but that didn’t work.
  7. @Faisal A it’s a b450 tomahawk, I also have an xfx rx580 gts black core
  8. I built a new PC but it’s underperforming; FPS in games is mediocre. The ryzen utility said that the speed of the ryzen 5 2600 never went above 1.55GHz (besides a couple of random spikes to 2.8). So I’m guessing the motherboard is underutilizing the CPU. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  9. I built a new PC (my first) but is it underperforming. Hardware consists of: Ryzen 5 2600 XFX RX580 GTS Black Core T-Force Delta 2x8 3000MHz B450 Tomahawk ADATA SU800 SeaSonic M12II 620W I noticed that I was getting low fps for what it is. In CSGO I'd get 120 max in the menu and 50-150 ingame (usually 50-100). I was getting mediocre FPS in L4D2 as well. I installed the ryzen utility and observed the CPU while CSGO was running. The speed spiked to 2.8GHz randomly a couple times but other than that never exceeded 1.55GHz. So I guess the motherboard is under-utilizing the processor? Some forums online said that rolling back the bios fixed this issue, but I don't want to try that yet. I don't want to update the bios yet either. I'm not really familiar with all of this bios heebeejeebee and I don't want to fuck up my new PC. Any suggestions on what to do??