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  1. Thanks for the reply. I had already looked at the temperatures in afterburner and all was good (sub 60°C). That's the first time i heard about flashing the GPU bios, so I'll look into that. Reinstalling Windows is something I hope not to have to do, but if all else failes I'll have to try. Thanks again.
  2. Hi. I've encountered a strange problem. After installing automatic driver update from Nvidia Geforce Experience (Game Ready 436.48 driver), my Zotac GTX 1050 2GB (not overclocked) became unstable (it was always working fine until then). While running a game, that i played no problem a day before, the card would crash after a few minutes. Sometimes it would only close the game and give a prompt about graphics driver failure, and sometimes the PC would restart by itself (the PC is running Intel i5-4460 3.2GHz; 8GB RAM; Windows 10 Home). When it didn't restart sometimes I would be able to continue using the PC normally, but sometimes card would go crazy and hop between 0 and a 100% usage (monitored in task manager). At first i thought it was only a driver issue, so i uninstalled it, and downloaded some older one from Nvidia's website. But the problem continued on the older version (a version that had been working fine before). Next times i was using the "Display Driver Uninstaller", +Windows Safe Mode, ++deleted everything named "Nvidia" from the C drive, +++tried installing even older drivers, but to no avail. Then i updated Windows to the new, 1909, version, but it again changed nothing. I also tried taking the card out of the case, uninstalling drivers, and then putting it back in... Yeah, no success there. I noticed that when i clock the card down with MSI Afterburner (normal clock is 1354MHz), to about 800MHz the card is way less unstable, but after some 20 minutes in a game it again crushes - At least on the same graphics settings I used before. When I lowered down the settings it was able not to crash, at least for the duration of the test (some 40 minutes). I also checked if the card was overheating, but no. Thus for me it looks very much like a souly software side problem (although I haven't checked for sure, since I don't really have a drive to install a fresh Windows on). Is it possible that installing that faulty driver caused some damage so deeply rooted that even DDU couldn't get rid of it? If so, what can be done about it (other than reinstalling the OS)? About the crashes, they usually consisted of a few seconds of stuttering + mixing of colors on the display. Sometimes they would start with red "flares" appearing for like quarter of a second in random places on the screen. One more thing I can add is that im running a 300W PSU, which theoretically would be a little low for my system, but it never caused any problems before (I've been using this configuration for like 8 months). I hope someone with deeper tech knowledge will be able to figure out what's wrong. Thanks