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  1. hi i am planning to build a pc for my work and a little gaming i will planning to build a pc with 3700x (500aud) upon looking i found that threadripper 1920x is on sale in Australia and i am getting it for as low as 330 aud.. the build cost me around same as x399 motherboard is expensive should i go for threadripper or 3700x ? thanks
  2. I don’t need pcie gen 4 i just want to overclock the cpu to full extend will the carbon pro do the job or Should i look for something else
  3. Hi i am planning to build a pc with 3700x and rtx 2060 I don’t do much gaming it’s for productivity i am really confused about the motherboard as in Australia the price is very harsh i want to overclock the cpu can i go with msi b450 gaming fro carbon for 250 aud as i have listen that vrm on that board is really good x470 tiachi for 300 for x570 the good vrm borad is giagabyte x570 elite for 400$ i can get asrock x470 master sli ac for 220$ but vrm on that sucks. like i am really confused please can you suggest me a good board that cost around 300 aud