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  1. That seems weirder than my problem, hope you can make work again. The weather app is in Celsius just like the rest of my pc, it is only Cortana which makes more confusing.
  2. So, I just look at my regional setting and it says, English (Denmark), but I try changing it to the UK to if it will an effect. thanks
  3. Just try it and unfortunately it did not work, but Thanks for you help.
  4. Hey Smart people I have some problems with Cortana. I live I Denmark and uses the metric system before the latest windows update Cortana work fine with the metric system. now she will not use it, when I ask for a weather update, she gives it to me in Fahrenheit and not in Celsius (this is just one example of her using imperial and not metric). For what I read online I have to change in “clock and region” in the control panel, but it is already on metric. The rest of my pc is using metric like before, it is only Cortana that has change and, in her setting, there are no way of change it. So, my question is: Due any of you have/had the same problem? and how do I fix it? Also, the notebook thing is gone, so I have no idea how I add smart home controls now. Lucky, she did not remove does I had. Thanks for your time and help -Kristian Buckhøj
  5. my favorite thing about the G3 is the sceen 1440p is good but i´am looking forward to 2.gen. but the 5.5" sceen with the slim besel and the buttons on the back is really nice -kristian buckhoj-
  6. i really do love the batterylife on it, and the display is F**** good. and htc´s senes is THE ONLY version of android i like (except vanila android) kristian klint buckhøj
  7. Hey i have an Mac thunderbolt sceen but my pc(Windows) does't have an thunderbolt output but it have an displayport. So i would like to have an displayport to thunderbolt adapter. Do you gays know an device i Can use?