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  1. Thanks a lot! I'll try to understand this page. Oh boy pfsense, right? LOL
  2. Thanks. But you know, office buddies sometimes don't really tell the difference between private IP and public IP, and I just want to save some bandwidth when they try to download some big files from the NAS webUI via public IP. LOL
  3. Thank you, this is the idea I was thinking about and not been able to solve.
  4. I do not have control to the upper level NAT device. But I do control the office LAN, which means the local NAT device.(pfsense) I understand that routers loopback its WAN IP by default. But here I want to loopback the upper level NAT's WAN IP in the local NAT.
  5. So here is the problem, my lab's global IP address is not signed directly to us. Every time I want to access the local NAS via the WAN IP(you know why), the packet need to go to the upper NAT and come back. Here is the simple topology: ****************** a.a.a.a (office router) b.b.b.b === b.b.b.2 (THE upper NAT) c.c.c.c === the world ****************** I have no idea how our ISP configures b.b.b.2 and c.c.c.c, I guess DMZ to our b.b.b.b? HOW can I loopback c.c.c.c within our office router? I'm using pfsense as the router OS.