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  1. Yes it's a rather old laptop at this point, and yes it has been cleaned and repasted by my and I only did the GPU as I had a slight issue with the heatsink https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1113613-broken-radiator-screw-on-laptop-motherbord/ And I don't know exactly what the guy that got the screw out did... He said he repasted but when I got home there was no change in temperaturesand when confronting the guys at the store they said the cooling system is starting to show its age
  2. Hey there community I am coming here with a somewhat common problem. I have an i3 5005u (no overclock or undervolt) that thermal throttles whenever I am playing Minecraft ( I haven't checked if it does in other games) and as it is my first first time when encountering this I need some guidance... What should I do? And what is exactly thermal throttling? P.S sorry for the awkward screenshot
  3. It's a very old motherboard and the PC was low spec to begin with. This would not be the first time something burn on it. This once had a GPU....
  4. Shoot... Then the motherboard is a no go... Thank you I will wait for other responses....
  5. It can't be the computer sits in the same room as my laptop and my laptop sits in my office, so I would know
  6. No the front side looks just fine.
  7. The other side is just fine
  8. I'm working on this computer and the thing randomly freezes and black screens.... I lifted the MBO and found this next to the cpu socket. Is this burn?
  9. I am having some issues with syncing folders to my external HDD. I think is just me that can't figure out the settings or the program doesn't allow it, but basically I want to mirror the folders to the drive. If a do a change to said folder I want the program to sync/update it. If I delete something in the folder the contents on the hard drive don't get updated and the drive ends up getting filled with deleted folders (deleted documents don't get deleted from the hard drive) I am using Adata's HDDtoGO, and I am willing to change to a different software.
  10. If you don't really want to spend a lot of money on a new phone and you are still fine with this one try looking for a replacement battery as it would be much cheaper than buying a new phone overall. Jumping from a Samsung to a Xiaomi could be rather difficult as I once recommend a Samsung user a Xiaomi and 1 and a half year later it's looking to replace it and come back to the Samsung lineup. I would really consider just keeping the S8 as it still holds up even today and after that battery replacement I should feel like it just came out of the box
  11. i have no clue... I think its worth giving it a try. If not then I would assume that either the fan controller chip on the motherboard its broken or the fan it's self. If you still have your old motherboard you can test the fan and see if it works, that would at least isolate the problem
  12. Are you sure you haven't damaged any fan pins? Or is the fan fully plugged in? I had an issue where my laptop speakers only had one side functioning and the other was not as loud as it should, and this fixed it P.S also check your bios settings and for any cut wires in the case margins
  13. I am relatively new to PC building as I only have a laptop. The problem is that is how do you reconnect those (picture) to that little board, after you disconnected them, yes I know I should have taken a photo....
  14. I don't know how to put this but I have a laptop with a GT920m 2 GB, in it and ran pretty much whatever I threw at it (video editing, lightroom, gaming [low/mid/ex-high end], YouTube, 3D animation etc.) I pretty much do everything on it and it proved it's self worthy all the time. Now to the actual question.... What would be the desktop counterpart of the 920m? I've always wandered and never found a good answer.... Not even Google gave me something somewhat clear
  15. Yep there are thing that they recommend and some that don't. its a must have for every Windows 10 Power User. PS. You also have the option to make a restore point and save your config for the program