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  1. Yes!!! Like I said many times, I tried the old keyboard that wasnt working (a few keys) and the trackpad and mouse buttons were working fine. Thats why I put it back in and tested. And you can see in the pic, thats how it was seated each time. The same way when it was removed. Thanks btw for your ideas Johny5
  2. But the old ribbon worked fine. The new one as well, factory new. Are you saying, or do you think its in the actual ribbon connector on the mobo? The only thing I can think of then is a tiny blast of clean air in it. There aren't like exposed copper pins showing in that tiny thing. mobo connector you think ?
  3. Gotcha. But before I put the keyboard in place, meaning putting it down into its 'home' I just plugged in the ribbon (no kink) and checked if the keyboard worked. So the ribbon was still straight and new factory. Thats why I tried again with the old keyboard, the trackpad and mouse buttons worked. Now no bueno!
  4. It is no easy feat getting to the track pad. I mean everything worked, placed aside in a quite place until the new keyboard came. Untouched. Never bumped or anything....
  5. But the the problem is, its a brand new, factory keyboard. The ribbon was factory. The broken keyboard, a few letters not working the trackpad still worked, same with mouse buttons. Thats why I put back in the old one and checked, no pad or buttons.
  6. So been repairing friends, some others for 20 years ,ever seen such a stupid scenerio. The laptop is Lenovo Ideapad I5, all it needed was the friggin keyboard replaced. Replaced with a new, proper matched keyboard. Trackpad and mouse buttons worked fine. The left/right mouse button now don't work, neither does double tapping the trackpad. The pad works to move the cursor around, but no tap. The ribbon is properly placed. Re seated the ribbon. Still not working. Put in the old keyboard, tried the the trackpad and buttons, nodda. Put back in the new replacement, properly seated ribbon. nodda. WTF. Any ideas? good grief!
  7. I think I got it, now I can unpin all mine in the task bar, search for them and pin them to start! TY ALL The search - I guess I'll google how to get search to default. unless someone knows. Thank you very much, each one of you.
  8. Ahh thats all? I've always ignored the start menu pinning because I really didnt have one, sorta Just need to get search to default! And THANK YOU EVERYONE for helping.
  9. OK, were getting close. Just need to get my search like your shot to default. And my start as I posted above... Its so bare, random apps in it TY a ton!
  10. So now that start isnt full screen, getting close. How can I get it to look default like my original photo?
  11. Now start looks good, and search is smaller! Thanks @Mateyyy So is this a default looking "search"? Anyone?
  12. That did it!!! Thanks soo much Matey. Perfect. 1 for 1 hehe. Hope to get search normal now. Cheers TY
  13. Use start full screen s set to on or true.
  14. Yes, thats it. Both are far off. Its painfull to get around.
  15. Right my bad. Start... its worse They both need help.