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  1. Thank you all for the suggestion, i will go for the 3600. Do you think i will notice an improvement?
  2. I have a ryzen 5 2600 with a 2070 super running on a 1440p monitor. I have to buy a new cpu for my kid, a ryzen 1500x is just fine for him i found at 90€ but i'm considering to buy a 3600 for 210€ (hope less on black friday) and give him my 2600. The 100€ does it worth the upgrade for my config?
  3. Does it work? Because installing the standard driver didn't worked just after win installation, but probably win10 done some sh** just during the installation to force my os to install this version. So the correct step are: Download standard driver Uninstall nvidia panel downloaded from windows store Disconnect the internet cable Ddu on safe mode Than install the standard version What if at this point the installation give me the same error? Do windows write i have to install the DCH version somewere?
  4. What's thw differences between this 2 choice? In my pc i had the standard, i've recently bough a new ssd and reinstalled windows but this time the standard was not worked and i had to install the DCH version do you know why this was happened?
  5. I'm italian Thank you, it's important to learn english this days, probably mine is bad, but it's enough to understand what people wrote and can be understood (i hope). What is really hard is to understand different accent when i travel, because someone speak very clear, and someone else doesn't even seems english, i was once in Dublin, and just a friend of mine was able to talk with Irish, it was impossible for me, that's because my english ability is average, but also because their accent was really different in what i usually listen, in example i don't have too much problem to understant Linus i understand 90% of what he say, probably because a lot of words are tech related, otherwise probably the % will drop between 70-80, but that's just because my english dictionary is limited, otherwise the pronuciation is really good, i was once in canada and i had no problem. What i whould like to know because i'm curious is to read and listen myself writing and speaking english with english ears i think whold be pretty funny to listen and read all my errors. Unfortunatly learning languages is not my strong point, i think it's one of my weak point, i trying to learn english out of school since 2003 at least, at school was really bad i don't even count it, and i think it's a kind of magical adventure learning not just words and verbs, but also understand how your mind and attitude will change with a different language, that's probably another huge topic, but i suggest everyone here to try to learn another language, if you are english/american/canadian, i can suggest to learn my language, italian, just because you could start to read important writer that can't really be translated, because a lot of words and feelings do not exist in english, and li think italian culture is really huge and there is a lot to discover and to be appreciate for real you must know italian, or the translation will destroy all the magic. Anyway every language you like will help you to be close and think in a different way, and that's really an interesting experience imho
  6. I'm breezing reading those temps Well breeze is not really the proper word in this situation I'm worried when my gpu go over 75
  7. I dunno if LTT staff read this topic, but i want to ask something i whould like to see probably splitted in 2 videos. I'm talking about how to game on linux with windows game. I know something was showed, but it was just a look how it is, and not we guide you step by step. I had a retail windows upgrade licence, i buyed some years ago and used with my old pc, than i sold that pc, and buyed a completly new one, so i've installed windows 10 and everything worked fine for months, than i had an issue with my motherboard, so i had to change and bang, my windows is no more active, so i called microsoft, and they told me that is not possible because blablablabla i don't want to discuss about it, because i've bough a retail upgrade version not an oem, but i was just tired of this s**** and since on my workstation i use linux daily and i love it because it's free from this bulls**** i've tryed to install on my gaming pc pop os and tryed with wine lutris and playonlinux, but i had a lot of problem so i giveup and i've buyed another windows licence. What i whould like to see it's how to install the windows version of steam, uplay, gog galaxy and the epic store, and how to download and use the game, but not just a quick show, but a step to step guide, in a LTT way
  8. I'm not english and that's not my language, so it happen i need to translate words while reading or writing on forums, i also trying to learning something more listen the pronuciation on google translate. I didn't remembered whats the name of flour in english so i used google translate and than listen the pronuciation, and what i heard sounds like flower, than i wrote flower and for my foreign ears it sound the same. At 99% it's just my ears bad, but i whould like to know if there is a chance that the pronunciation is just the same or if it's just a bad google text to speach
  9. I've noticed on youtube videos and playing myself with the same specs some game run with high fps while other games run with low fps, even if the graphic quality are the same, i'm talking about how beauty the graphics is. Afaik the game engine is important on this aspect, but why game devs will not use the best performing one? I mean game A will use engine A and it perform at 60fps while game B using the engine B run at 120fps on the same hardware and the game are both beauty to see, so why when the game A2 will be release will keep to use engine A instead the more performing engine B? There are some beautifull game that are ruined by low fps or fps drop even with high end hardware, while other game just give to gamer a fantastic experience, and that's a pleasure. I.e. far cry new dawn doesn't run really bad on my pc, but sometime the fps just drop while the average is 80fps on ultra at 1080p and when this happen there is no cpu bottleneck neither gpu and i noticed this behavior in other games too, also with other pc, while in other game just seem to have a pc from 2040 running games, i.e. i run doom on ultra and what limit my fps at 144 is the vsync, and the fps never "drop" at 143 it's freaking stable at 144, same on other games. What's your thought?
  10. matx is what my case are capable of, mitx are usually too much expensive and unecessary little for my use case. I'm thinking to change case to put an atx mobo
  11. i.e. in this spreadsheet you can see a lot of x570 mobo do have a kind of x 2 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d9_E3h8bLp-TXr-0zTJFqqVxdCR9daIVNyMatydkpFA/htmlview?sle=true#gid=639584818
  12. Somethingi did not found is what does it mean when you see i.e. 6x2 on vrm is the same as 6+6 intended 6 for cpu and 6 for other components?