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  1. right now I'm still gathering parts it's going to be a small server mostly for pet projects. I am trying to use hardware that I've acquired from broken PC's that also helped me build my main rig.
  2. I haven't done a lot of research into freenas I thought I had to pay for unraid and as I am currently tight on funds I'm trying to be as cost efficient and possible and is Samba on Linux another distribution on Linux or an overall program used in continuance with Linux?
  3. So I've been looking at creating a home server for certain documents and I've also been thinking about switching to Linux as my main OS. Does any one here have experience with using the Linux Ubuntu Server OS and how compatible with microsoft it is until I fully dive into Linux?
  4. I've been watching this channel for about a year now and in one of the videos from the mineral oil PC Linus mentioned something about a mac book pro being placed into ice water and how it improved performance. He had also had a question about a foil like bag he could use as a laptop stand to try and re create the process in a similar fashion without the hazard of the macbook or other laptop falling into water. I was thinking about how could one use a water cooler radiator with a radiator inside the pump mounted with fans to water cool a base that would sit under the laptop. I do have a general idea of how the system would look work and be powered as to where the radiator and fans would fit inside a backpack as to where it could be a mobile unit so anyone could use it in there day to day lives.
  5. So I'm Just starting on this form of contact to other computer enthusiasts. I have started to build a PC out of all second hand parts as I saw on scrapyard wars and have not completed it yet do to certain reasons. I'm looking into C++ coding and possibly game design.